Christian Advertised For Upcoming Shows, Goldust-Twitter, More

– Christian, who has been sidelined since November 9, 2011 due to an ankle injury, is advertised to appear at the February 7, 2012 WWE SmackDown taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well house shows beginning that month.

— Joey Styles tweeted the following regarding an interview he shot Tuesday for WWE Network: “Yesterday, I was interviewed for about three hours about Original ECW for WWE Network. I got choked up revisiting my life from 1993-2000.”

— Goldust, who WWE officials have had issues with in the past due to the Superstar publicly blocking people on Twitter, stated the following Wednesday morning.

“I believe in christ and if u dont i block you so go walk with the devil.”

He then wrote “blocked” in response to the following remark: “Why do you block people just because they don’t believe the same things as you do?”

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