Christian On Why Name Of His Finisher Changed In WWE

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian recently talked about the reason for his finisher’s name being changed during a Q&A episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness (transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc). Here is what he had to say:

“The name The Unprettier kinda came as a joke between myself and The Hardys and Adam we would joke around. I don’t even remember how we came up with it but I jokingly called it The Unprettier because I hate how it makes you feel so damn unpretty. We would jokingly talk about it behind-the-scene and somebody and somebody heard it, I think it might have been Michael Cole or somebody. He said it on the air and it kinda just stuck from there. But I never thought the name matched how dangerous the move was. So when I came back from TNA to WWE I kinda wanted to repackage a few different things, the name of my finish being one of them. I had a conversation earlier that first day back with Vince and I told him my feelings on it and what I wanted to name it and he went, ‘no that’s great. Do it.’ So that’s how it got changed.”