Christina Says Her Sister Inspired Her To Try Out For WWE

Tough Enough contestant Christina Crawford hopes to one day win the WWE Divas Championship. But the person she would like to take the belt from is the same person who inspired her to be a Diva in the first place — her sister, Victoria — better known as Alicia Fox.

“I would love love love to win that title one day,” Crawford told “But it would be the best if I could take it from my sister.”

Ever since her sister joined WWE, Crawford wanted to follow in her footsteps. She said Tough Enough is a once in a lifetime opportunity that she can’t pass up.

“What started my dream of working with the WWE was when my sister got hired, but I was too young at the time to apply,” Crawford said. “My dream was to go to school and then I would try out for the WWE.”

She is excited that she may work with her one day.

“She is on the main roster and I haven’t gotten the chance to work with her yet,” Crawford said. “But we do hang out together and it’s great moral support.”

One of the most important things the trainers teach the contestants is how to avoid getting hurt. Even though wrestling is staged, the injuries are real.

“I am not worried about injuries because the training environment is always safe,” Crawford said. “The trainers are helping us learn to build and to protect our body.”

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