Chyna Comments On RAW 1000, Charlie Sheen Teased For SummerSlam

– Charlie Sheen all but challenged Daniel Bryan to a match the next time he was in Los Angeles on Monday’s 1000th episode of WWE Raw. Michael Cole teased Sheen for SummerSlam as the pay-per-view will take place from LA next month.

– Chyna wrote the following on Twitter tonight.

Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in & offer my congrats on the 1000 episode of Raw. I was not asked to appear but I have a few thoughts .. As for Degeneration X, the most powerful group in the history of the WWE, I am very proud to have been a part of that .. And if you’re not down with DX, I have two words for you: SUCK IT! XOXO! … I am very proud to have played a role in the history making event that Raw is. I have many found memories from my time there … To all the WWE fans, Thank You for welcoming us into your living rooms each week and into your lives. We are who we are because of you.

  • Marcus Jessup

    it is nice for Chyna to say some good things about WWE’s 1000th episode of Raw.. She has class beneath all that pain and suffering, The lady is a human being and deserves the respect others are due.. we ALL have issues and some of us have WORSE problems than others while some have problems that are NOT as serious.. GOD bless CHYNA with good health, peace and happiness in her continued life!!!