Claire Lynch Attempts To Conceal Her Identity After It Is Exposed Online

The woman portraying Claire Lynch—purportedly pregnant with AJ Styles’ child—on Impact Wrestling is Julia Reilly, an Orlando-based actress and model. After her identity was exposed last week by Live Audio Wrestling and across wrestling message boards, Reilly made a concerted effort to erase her Internet presence.

Her official website,, had featured her lengthy resume of television commercial appearances, as well as photos and videos, but all content was removed following the outing. She also has a YouTube channel featuring her demo videos, such as herself selling RoboMops on the Home Shopping Network, hosting various cooking shows and appearing in a Subway commercial, but all have been made private. Her page on LinkedIn was also deleted.

Reilly’s description of herself on her official website had stated, “Julia’s true talent lies in her warm approachable personality and her ability to deliver technical jargon in a conversational manner.

“In a live enviroment, Julia is excellent at gathering a crowd and able to connect with customers to successfully deliver your company’s message.

“On camera, Julia is friendly, personable and believable.”

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