CM Punk & AJ Play Up Raw General Manager Stoyline, Former DX Member At Raw Tonight

– CM Punk and Raw GM AJ Lee were playing up the Raw General Manager angle on Twitter Sunday night. Here is their exchange:

AJ Lee: “I realize I am a human doodle. Please don’t leave banana peels on any surface I will be walking on.”

CM Punk: “you’re a human poodle!?”

AJ Lee: “Your face is a human poodle.”

CM Punk: “You know there’s nothing human about me. Stop playing.”

AJ Lee: “Can’t tell if that’s self deprecating or boasting.”

CM Punk: “you are the Michael Phelps of general managers.”

AJ Lee: “Ummm. Go to bed. You’re going to need all your energy for tomorrow.”

CM Punk: “sleep is for the weak. I have things to do. You know this.”

AJ Lee: “Oh, I know a lot about you. See you tomorrow champ.” are offering new ‘Back to School Basics’ featuring youth apparel and gear for the new school year including tees, backpacks, and desk sets, starting at only $9.99 at this link.

– Former WWE Star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman appeared on a local San Antonio radio station with Shawn Michaels and stated that he would be in attendance at tonight’s ‘Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night’ Raw. Waltman said he would be sitting near ringside, but not in the first row. Michaels tweeted a picture of himself with Waltman promoting the show at the radio station.