CM Punk Announcement Coming This Month?, No Concussion for Top WWE Star, Steve Austin

– With July here, it will be interesting to see if there’s any announcement made regarding CM Punk’s WWE status. Punk’s contract reportedly expires on or around the 17th of this month.

– Steve Austin noted on Twitter that he recorded a podcast interview with Tommy Dreamer this week:

“Thanks @THETOMMYDREAMER for driving to 316 Gimmick St in New York City! Had a great time shooting the shit. #steveaustinshow Coming soon.”

– Randy Orton reportedly underwent concussion testing on Monday afternoon and was obviously cleared to wrestle since he worked the RAW main event.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Don’t come back Punk.

  • Necro

    The only way Punk comes back is for a match with Austin, and we all know that’s never gonna happen.

    • Mario Cardone

      This is the moment someone uses their opinion incorrectly and makes it sound like a fact.

      • Necro

        Yes, yes it is.

  • Guest

    I think CM Punk is going to stay gone from the WWE for the foreseeable future. He’s the father of the kid that A.J. Lee is carrying. He’s made enough money to support all 3 of them for life. Why not stay out of the biz for a while? Wrestlers are on the road over 250 days a year. The Undertaker said his kids resented him for not being around, and that being away wrecked his marriage with his first wife Sarah. CM Punk doesn’t need that kind of stress in his own personal life, as he is already dealing with his mother’s psychiatric issues, and his siblings trying to sponge off of him. I think taking time off to be with the baby and A.J. is just what the doctor ordered for CM Punk.

    • FlawlessRKO

      AJ isn’t pregnant, didn’t you watch Raw last night?

      • Luke

        Yep…Gotta love marks who talk like they know Punk on a “Hey Phil” basis…

    • ☆♥Sarah☆♥

      Um AJ isnt pregnant. She just “WON” back the Diva’s title last night. If she was pregnant, she wouldn’t of been wrestling.

    • Jam

      You sound like such an idiot that I didn’t even finish reading what you said.

  • Rob Ert

    am I the only one who is kinda sick of all the CM Punk stuff? I mean, I’m a huge fan of his, but he left. Let’s just deal with it and move on. Maybe he’ll come back one day, and maybe he won’t.

  • jmull

    Everybody takes a break at some point, and everybody comes back. Chill the Fuck out.