CM Punk Asked If He’s A Former WWE Superstar, Rob Van Dam Update, SNME – WWE Network

– Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet of CBS 19 News in Cleveland spoke with CM Punk on the red carpet at tonight’s AP Music Awards at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and asked him if he is a WWE Superstar or a former WWE Superstar. Punk replied:

“Neither. I’m CM Punk.”

– Regarding Rob Van Dam’s status, as of this morning he was not scheduled for tonight’s RAW but was scheduled to be back next week.

– 13 more episodes of WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event have either been uploaded or will be uploaded very soon to the WWE Network.

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  • CMP

    Are you a responsible employee that fulfills their contractual obligations or are you a delicious stack of buttery flapjacks?

    “Neither. I’m CM Punk.”

  • thatpj

    Now he is just trolling

  • ksedude

    I refuse to obsess over the employment status of a man who could give a fuck less about the fans. Do I miss him? Yes. Would I like to see him back? Yes. Am I going to obsessively scour the dirt sheets for rumors and quotes from CM Punk? No.

  • seanzy

    He never quit but by never addressing it the WWW keeps him relevant while he takes some time off it’s not easy to fool fans anymore so they will do anything to keep the rumor mill running, or in this case do absolutely nothing

  • Necro