CM Punk Chants Take Over WWE NXT, Several CM Punk Signs Confiscated At Tapings

CM Punk

Several fans had “CM Punk” signs taken away at Thursday’s WWE NXT tapings for March from Full Sail University. According to fans in attendance, the crowd are only chanting “CM Punk” at the live event and have been encouraged to chant for NXT. Here are some tweets from fans in attendance:

  • Money Benjamin

    I am loving how the fans are now finally being rebellious after all these years of the same old WWE!

    • Mario Cardone

      Lets see how long itll last. I can’t honestly say it won’t, we’ve never been in this position before (of someone actually quitting and walking out, at least the caliber of punks level) and with recently being upset about bryan as well and them too being essentially the same guy.

    • Strate Edge

      I’m watching NXT and I can’t hear any cm punk chants… did they edit the audience noise?

  • Trainwreck

    Not long before something drastic happens. I can feel it. People have had enough and not willing to stand for the same old shit anymore.
    Exciting times ahead!

  • Ronald Daignault

    Want to see if that happens Monday Night during the LIVE broadcast! Poor Vince and HHH would have a stroke!

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think wwe may have a riot on their hands sometime this year. I think there should be one. Just being honest and who knows, a riot in the audience on live television will be remembered just as much as the montreal screwjob. That would be awesome

    • Anthony Winston

      Although that’d be great, WWE fans aren’t THAT awesome lol. Now attitude era or ECW fans would’ve actually rioted, but not these new fans. I hope i’m wrong, but I seriously doubt I am.

  • Yuno Gasai

    WWE + No CM Punk = No WWE. He’s the reason why I started watching it again back in 2009. Now they do this? It’s really difficult to support a company like this.. seriously. I’m glad to see the fans chanting him instead of what they want the fans to chant. Keep it going.

  • Bryan Thomas

    And their going to try to replace him with reigns AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • James Humwood

    im loving this the fans know whats best for business this is awesome cant wait till raw im ready to here a riot between cm punk chants and the usual bryan chants its gonna be funny…also on a side note if this is a work(i dont think it its) it has potential to be awesome

  • Luis Suarez

    This is exactly what we need, and this is the exact thing that needs to happen at RAW next week. I hope that crowd chants CM Punk throughout the entire show, especially when Triple H and Steph come out to advertise the WWE Network for the 70th time.

  • Otherside Jackass


  • UM Punk

    I will be a part of the Omaha audience for Rawon Monday and I have all my Punk gear and signs ready. I can’t wait! CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!

    • Hugo

      MAKE sure everyone chants CM PUNK. I’ll do the same here in Houston March 18!

  • James Humwood

    im thinking this has got to be real about punk leaving because why else would they take the signs

  • Anon

    So disrespectful to the NXT Talent. It’s not like CM Punk got fired, he left on his own terms.

    • jessebrown1996 .

      Finally someone who gets it.

  • Tyler

    I’m a CM Punk fan but what everyone seems to not remember is he wasn’t fired. He left on his own in an unprofessional way. He did the same thing Austin did in 2002. The same thing that Austin has said in interviews is his only regret in his career.

    • charovnica

      The reason why Punk left is what bothers the people though. They agree with him,showing support to Punk is somewhat of an expression of “we are sick of beeing fed with old stuff,we want change” ,because let’s be real…WWE is still digging in the past for no reason.

      • gta4801 .

        But why do this on nxt of all places

        • charovnica

          Oh,trust me…they’ll do it on RAW too. NXT happened to be the closest WWE event after the news broke out.

      • jessebrown1996 .

        No it isn’t, if it was the reason that bothered people then why chant for Punk? That doesn’t sound like you’re trying to tell the WWE you don’t want Batista to headline Wrestlemania, no this is just pure stupid fans doing what they always do, bitching without even thinking.

        • charovnica

          Chanting the names you want to see and booing the guy WWE forces you to watch on the ME of WM…that’s a message.
          I’m not saying all of this will work,but people feel the need to express their dissatisfaction with the direction and apparently this is how they decided to do it.

    • Hugo

      I don’t know about you but I’m tired of seeing the same old crap on RAW and having part-time steroid using movie stars winning titles.

      • Tyler

        When did I mention anything about any of that. All I said was that Punk was unprofessional, which he was. I’m just saying that people on the internet sometimes let Punk get away with more than most other wrestlers. If almost anyone else did what he did, they would be ripped apart on these sites. Also, why hijack NXT? They have nothing to do with Punk. They are just people trying to improve and impress the right people to get on the main roster. I’m just as sick of those things as anyone else although it had nothing to do with my original statement.

        • Hugo

          You are right. You made no mention of what I originally said in my reply; however, while NxT has nothing to do with Punk, you must understand the frustration of the fans in recent months, hell, even years. NxT is a WWE product but if WWE will not listen to the fans then why should the fans (considering the situation) care about disturbing an NxT event? or any events for that matter?

          I think that CM Punk being unprofessional is being overlooked right now. (Most) People are okay with what he did, even if it makes us sad that we will not see him anymore….

  • Vicki

    I can’t wait to see what happens when they come to Chicago in March.

  • Adam Heatherly

    What the wwe needs right now is for cena to be champ again

  • jessebrown1996 .

    Yeah that’ll teach WWE for firing CM P…….Oh wait, he walked out of the company, not the other way around, if WWE fired him then you have every right to complain but you fans are just being stupid, I mean NXT? Whens the last time CM Punk was on that show? Bottom line is that if you feel that a match again The Game Triple H isn’t good enough for you then you discuss it with your boss, you don’t walk out on your fans who came to see you perform, Triple H has won multiple world titles and anyone should be honoured to have a match with him, I’m a CM Punk fan, but I don’t think doing a Stone Cold is really the best way to handle thing. You all remind me of Justin Biebers fans, you just defend him no matter what and you don’t even think about the situation, whats next? Are we going to get #QuitYourJobForPunk? You all need to man up, and understand that he left WWE, WWE didn’t fire him. Upset with the company or not you don’t just walk out on your job when you have a contract.

    • Ronald Daignault

      I think he feels like, for the past 2 years they bring in The Rock for the biggest match at Mania, now they bring in Batista (who “quit” on Raw too) to headline this Mania and, like many people who work a job feel like “F-this”. He has made enough money where he doesn’t have to worry about it AND, if he gets the itch to return: A. Vince will bring him back (like Batista, Austin, Rock, Jericho, Christian) or B. ROH and the independents will embrace him and he can coast!

  • Gustavo

    If this happens on NXT I can’t wait for RAW

  • WWE RaZaR

    What exactly gives them the right to take a sign that says “CM Punk” on it. Absolutely nothing wrong, therefore they have no right to take it!

  • Sir William McCormick

    Are we seeing the start of a legit revolution?