CM Punk Explains His Absence From Big Raw Angle, More

CM Punk posted a series of tweets explaining his absence from Raw’s vote of no confidence angle. He also criticizes those that are critical of the angle. The tweets are compiled below:

“I think a lot of people are missing the point. Fans and coworkers alike. Walking out is a p—- move. There’s a huge difference in what I did. I want change, and I can’t change s— from my couch. I’m in the fox hole. I’m getting it done. I stayed to fight and I’m fighting for change. You can protest, violently or peacefully without actually showing up. Walking out isn’t a solution at least not one that I’ve ever seen work. Hold ’em up. Make them change. Don’t just walk out, or lay down. Fight. This goes for fans as well. Bored? Don’t like @johncena ? Want more @ZackRyder ? Show up and be heard. Don’t be a p—- and just tweet about it.”

“I want change, and I’ll stand and fight for it even if I’m alone. Popular or unpopular, I could care less. Take your voting and shove it. Actions speaks louder than words. Except mine. My words are pretty awesome. No think about all that, and hopefully you’ll get it. #fight”

Too many tweets from me. Misspellings abound. You CAN’T protest without showing up. I am not Gandhi. I will kick your face. Don’t like HHH as COO? Punch him in the face. I did. It’s wrestling, not the NBA. #fight Next high kick to Johnny ‘Funkhauser’ Ace won’t be an accident.”