CM Punk In Line For A Major Push, Title Run & Possible Movie

Although it appears that CM Punk’s push has been cooled off in recent weeks, sources say that the straight edge superstar is in line for yet another strong push later this year that will likely include another WWE title run as well as a possible starring role in a WWE Studios movie.

CM Punk took somewhat of a backseat to John Cena and Alberto Del Rio heading into Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, but with the title off Cena (who is expected to resume his feud with The Rock headed into Survivor Series), CM Punk will once again be placed back in the WWE title hunt and will begin chasing Alberto Del Rio for the title.

Coming of his surge in popularity earlier this summer, CM Punk has becoming one of the top merchandise movers in the entire company. WWE is looking to capitalize on Punk’s popularity by releasing additional merchandise (including an autobiography) and are considering CM Punk as a leading man for an upcoming WWE Studios movie.

Overall, WWE officials are said to be very high on Punk right now, with Punk expected to be one of the centerpieces of Monday Night RAW heading into 2012. Despite many questioning whether WWE lost faith on CM Punk, the company is going “all in” on him in the coming months.