CM Punk Injury Update, Backstage Mood At Raw, Reactions To The Shield & Ryback’s Promos

– As noted earlier, CM Punk tweeted that he was undergoing x-rays today. Punk also tweeted, “Suckers. Was a chest X-ray for a physical so I can go up in an F-18. Remember who pulls the strings. #BITW”

Punk has reportedly been working with an injured knee and has been seen limping around in recent weeks.

– With Vince McMahon still overseas visiting United States troops serving in the Middle East, Triple H was in charge at Mondays RAW. There was a much more laid-back environment at RAW, with fewer rewrites. The general feeling backstage was that things will be less tense behind the scenes when Vince McMahon eventually steps down and hands the reigns over to Triple H and Stephanie.

– WWE was very satisfied with The Shield’s first promo on Monday’s RAW, with Dean Ambrose standing out as the group’s best talker, Roman Reigns came off well but Seth Rollins still needing to improve his mic work.

– WWE was also happy with Ryback’s interview in the opening segment of RAW.


  • jon

    Punk is a LIMP bizkit fan these days, get it!?