CM Punk Issues Comment To Fans After Being Removed From WWE’s Main Roster

As reported, WWE removed CM Punk from their main roster to their Alumni roster today, indicating that he is officially done with the company.

Punk tweeted the following this evening:

  • Necro

    Well it’s all over. FINALLY!

    • thatpj


  • Monkey D. Luffy

    Hope this ends the speculation from the fools who think Punk will still return.

    • jmull

      He can’t still return? HE can never sign a new contract? Dude I swear you are 12.

      • thesmarktank

        Anything can happen in the WWF! Oh wait…

  • codys moustache

    If punk doesn’t actually say his wwe Career is over from this point on then its fairly possible this is all a work

    • jmull

      Even if he comes out and swears on his life that his career is over, it could still be a work. But it’s not a work; WWE doesn’t have the patience for an angle this long.

      • James Tebrucio Luna

        what about DB vs. The Authority?

        • codys moustache

          That was never the plan. at the end of 2013 db was pencilled in to face sheamus at mania. It only culminated at mania as it did because punk left wwe with no choice

        • jmull

          Yeah, the only reason that drug on so long is the fans would not let it die and Punk left a big gap in the Mania plans.

  • codys moustache

    It’s a work

  • Darule

    im not buying it…hes not done ..hes just taking a year or two of sabbatical (just like Jericho) to rest and to do other projects..Trust me he’ll be back

  • Jesse Reid

    Finally… Now maybe the return rumors will stop. I’m a huge Punk fan and hate that he walked out, but everyone needs to leave it be for now. He’ll be back in a few years I’m sure.

  • Mario Cardone

    Finally! Now I would appreciate it if Punk said something to his fans out there. After a while I didn’t care but towards the end of this I started feeling like, he had so many fans that he just ditched and ignored without an explanation. Give your fans a nice speech and then in return they can thank him back.

  • totallyneccessary


  • codys moustache

    Dean Ambrose vs cm punk wrestle mania 32

  • TheJakeWaller

    so this is whats sparked everyone on twitter saying omg punks gone for good… it sounds more like he died on fb, let alone bloody hung up his boots.

    on the main roster, they have the talent on a lost, then alumni, other, injured, etc, thats where punk has been for ages anyway

  • Nikitas M

    I think Punk will be back someday, but not as a full-time wrestler; possibly as a part-timer, trainer, manager, and/or hold another position in the company