CM Punk On What It Takes To Be A WWE Superstar has a story on CM Punk’s appearance Friday at the Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice Awards. The WWE Superstar stormed the stage after it was announced that Kyle Sandilands beat him out for the ‘Best Baddie’ award and told the crowd, “People in America don’t even know who Kyle Sandipants is. Punk was subsequently doused with the network’s trademark green slime.

During his trip Down Under, Punk participated in an interview with World News Australia and answered a series of WWE related questions. He was notably asked what it takes to be a WWE Superstar.

“Personality, I think, is the first thing,” Punk responds. “I think the second thing is the intangible… this is probably, actually, the first thing. You hear it a lot. People talk about the “it factor,” you know? Certain people have this intangible quality to them. And I can’t explain what it is, I don’t think Vince McMahon would be able to explain what it is, there’s just something about certain people that just reaches out and grabs you.

“And they don’t always have to be the tallest guys, the biggest guys. This goes for the girls, too, but there’s always just something about somebody, like a Jake Roberts or a Randy Orton where there’s just this air about them that kind of separates them from not only, I guess, civilians but other WWE Superstars and makes them the upper echelon. It’s just an intangible quality. Other than that, I think a lot of heart, sacrifice and hard work obviously goes a long way too.”

The video can be accessed here.

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