CM Punk Uses Razor Blade On WWE Raw? (Photo & Video)

– There’s a lot of speculation among fans online that WWE Champion CM Punk had a blade in his mouth during the Lumberjack main event on Monday’s RAW.

In the video and photo below, it appears Punk spat something out of his mouth right before RAW went off the air which appears to as gum.

  • Josh

    IT IS CHEWING GUM! He had been chewing it since he made his entrance

  • Draven

    its just gum … why do people play into this stuff … razor blades … come on

  • Aaron

    Was he even busted open? Him having a blade in his mouth makes as much sense as him having a turtle in his mouth.

  • Dumbfuck mcgee

    silly rabbits, he was obviously chewing a razor blade on the way to the ring and during the match, but the razor lost flavor as he was chewing it, which is why it looks like gum!

  • dylan t gross

    he was choking on his gum and no one cared. WTF