CM Punk Resurfaces – See Photo Of Him Taken Saturday Night

Check out this photo of former WWE Champion CM Punk taken Saturday night:


  • Thomas Robinson

    Why does CM Punk always look drunk in photos of himself nowadays?

    • FlawlessRKO

      He’s burned out from 8 years of wrestling. If anything he looks tired, not drunk.

      • RVD4Life

        I call bullshit. he’s had almost 2 full months off. He’s not tired anymore, he’s drunk, and a hypocrite

        • FlawlessRKO

          He’s straight edge, which is a lifestyle. Why don’t you try traveling around the world wrestling, for 300 days and for 10 consecutive years. Then tell me how you feel. He’d said before 2 months is not enough. His knees are banged up as well.

        • jordon

          Hi, CM Punk had been in the WWE system for nine years. But in total, he’s been wrestling for 20. He said it himself that he’s been wrestling since he was 15 years old. He’s worn out, not drunk. Quit trying to start shit you dumb bastard.

        • Wolf Howling

          They are right CM is my age 52 and with all those years it will take a toll on you

          • Gage Smith

            He’s 35…

      • Thomas Robinson

        He’s had 2 months off and not to mention he was off for 3 months or so in 2013. He can’t be that tired considering a lot more wrestlers have had a lot tougher schedules than him in the last year or so.

    • RVD4Life

      Because he’s a lying Hypocrite.

      • FlawlessRKO

        What do you have against CM Punk?

      • StoneCold316

        No he’s exhausted and in pain with his knees

      • Jackie Weathers

        rvd4life Punks not a drunk or a hypocrite , much unlike the letters you where now that is a man who can drink and smoke dope, and be a an even bigger dope for all the times he’s walked away to smoke his own dope !

  • Raihan Khan

    nest article ” cm punk with his dentist”. this is bullshit, why people r still talking abt cm punk on wrestling site? he is gone, deal with it, specially

    • Mario Cardone

      Why do these articles also consist of former wrestlers getting pregnant, married, being on TV shows, etc etc? At least point those out too if you’re gonna hate on punk or the websites