CM Punk Reveals When He’s Marrying AJ Lee, Talks What He’s Been Doing

CM Punk mentioned at the Chicago Cubs broadcast booth that during his time off he has been playing a lot of NHL ’94 on Sega Genesis and has won the Stanley Cup 18 times.

Punk also revealed that he “is getting married next month.” AJ Lee was shown standing off to the side of the broadcast booth.

You can check out a clip from his appearance below.

Photos Of CM Punk and AJ Lee Hanging Out

  • Chad Smith

    Wonder if he’ll talk her into pissing her career away too.

    • Mike

      if you have the money, and you are burnt out, it’s called time off

    • Andrew Simpson

      ha i was thinking the same thing.

    • CMP

      Butthurt Chad Smith…poor wittle baby.

    • Mario Cardone

      I guess brock pissed his career away too when he left WWE 10 or so years ago.

    • Jam

      Can’t forget about Batista too huh

  • Josh

    Well this tells me that CM Punk and AJ Lee are returning to WWE, They have just got engaged little over a month ago and they are getting married next month.
    This will because of a schedule why they are rushing,
    WWE has already said to AJ that she can take as long as she needs off so it isnt AJ being rushed. It must be Punks.

    • moonmop

      …or they just want to get married next month.

    • Jam

      Sureeeeeeeeee, because WWE tells them when to get married so they can get back to work? Ok

      • Josh

        No but they do have schedules.

  • ChloeMatthews


  • Brittany Anne Lynn

    I love it!