CM Punk Rips The Rock On New Cena-Rock DVD, The Rock Addresses Backstage Heat

WWE will release their “John Cena vs. The Rock: Once In a Lifetime” DVD and Blu-ray this week. Here are some quotes from WWE Champion CM Punk. Most Superstar comments were positive but WWE decided to leave in Punk’s negative comments towards The Rock.

Punk on the Rock/Cena rivalry: “I wish we could get more face to face stuff, you know, but I guess that’s kind of the dichotomy we’re stuck with. I also think that’s what makes it interesting.”

Punk on Rock coming back and main eventing: “It’s been a frustrating year. Not just for me but a lot of other Superstars. The Rock waltzes in and he wrestles two days a year. Rock says this place is family, well, I hang out with my family as often as I can.”

In the documentary portion of the DVD, The Rock addresses the backstage heat he had with members of the WWE roster:

“I strip away all the BS that can be fostered in the locker room with some of the guys. Strip away all that, because I don’t hear all that, it’s all noise, and it’s all bullshit to me.” are offering discounts on the DVD and Blu-ray, as well as eligible for free Super Saver Shipping. You can order by clicking here.