CM Punk Set To Return To WWE Raw As The Hometown Hero?

“I feel I have a responsibility to the younger wrestlers on the roster, the ones who aren’t signed yet and the future of pro-wrestling as a whole to help make this place better and to change this place. I certainly can’t change it by sitting on my couch in Chicago.” -CM Punk

Reports circulated Sunday that CM Punk would make his return to the WWE on Monday’s RAW at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Punk has not been seen on WWE TV since the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 26th, when he was the #1 entrant in the Rumble match. The reports at the time were that CM Punk went to Vince McMahon the next night, thirty minutes prior to RAW, and told him he was “going home.” It was rumored that Punk did not like his creative plans going into WrestleMania 30, which had him facing Triple H.

While Punk has been gone the last five weeks, the March 3rd RAW from Chicago, was always going to be the date to watch. If he were to come back, it would be in his hometown, and it would be just in time for the WrestleMania 30 hype. Lets face it, Punk and Chicago go hand-in-hand, as recent history would remind us.

Chicago was the location of the 2011 Money In The Bank pay-per-view, where Punk would face John Cena for the WWE Championship. Leading up to the PPV, Punk dropped his famous “pipebomb” on RAW, and all indications were that Punk’s contract with the WWE was up, and that would be his last match. Vince McMahon and CM Punk fooled everyone, as they kept it a secret that Punk had signed a contract extension with WWE. Of course, we all remember Punk pinning Cena for the title that night and leaving through the Chicago crowd with the WWE Championship.

After his WrestleMania 29 match against The Undertaker last year, CM Punk took time off to heal up some nagging injuries. When did Punk return back to the WWE? A few months later, at the 2013 Payback pay-per-view, once again in his hometown of Chicago. Punk successfully defeated Chris Jericho at the pay-per-view.

During Punk’s recent departure, as each week passed, it seemed more likely that Punk would not be at WrestleMania 30. His scheduled WWE appearances were being cancelled or fulfilled by other WWE stars. Fans who bought tickets for his WrestleMania 30 Axxess signing, were informed that Ric Flair would be his replacement. WWE even released a new promotional poster for WrestleMania, which no longer featured CM Punk.

However, while all this was happening, there was still reason to believe that Punk would be returning. The main thing to remember was that WWE never “buried” CM Punk. There was never a reason given or even any acknowledgement of CM Punk’s absence from WWE TV. Remember back in the “Attitude Era,” Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out on the WWE as well. However, it was handled differently back then, as Jim Ross told us on RAW that Austin had “taken his ball and gone home.”

Also, they were still selling all of CM Punk’s merchandise, front and center on WWE’s official website. They even released new items during this time, like the CM Punk Zombie figure, which you can see here.

Perhaps the main factor in all of this, was the way CM Punk stayed quiet during his departure. Punk did not do any media interviews, and blast the WWE. He didn’t voice his displeasures with the company on his Twitter account, he remained off of his social media accounts. The last tweet Punk posted was on January 27th, before any rumors of his walk out were reported.

CM Punk and the WWE both want to do “business” with each other, especially on the road to WrestleMania 30. WWE has to realize that the return of Batista has not gone according to plan. He is greeted with boos rather than cheers, and nicknamed “Bootista.” Nothing Batista has done has been his fault, but the fans view him as having the spot that Daniel Bryan should have. The WWE were even forced to turn him heel this past Friday on SmackDown. A heel Randy Orton against a heel Batista for the WWE Championship will not work at WrestleMania, and the fans will have none of it. CM Punk has mentioned that the one thing he has left to do in the WWE is to headline WrestleMania. Insert Punk into the WWE Championship match, and make it a Triple Threat Match, it works for both sides.

What do you guys all think about this situation? What matches do you want to see at WrestleMania 30, and who should walk out with the WWE Championship? Please share your thoughts and views below. Be sure to check back with for the latest news on CM Punk’s expected return. I’ll be at the Allstate Arena Monday for RAW and will send in live crowd reports and photos (possibly of new CM Punk merchandise?). Follow PWMania and me on Twitter @PWMania, @Enzo_Marino and comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised so we can keep the wrestling discussion going.

  • hisfirewithin

    Were I booking it, it would go like this:

    – Punk is first out the gate on RAW Monday night to put an immediate end to crowd hijacking plans. He comes out, worked shoots his butt off, gets a lot of pops, and challenges Randy Orton. HHH and Steph come out, deny him the shot, and Punk says fine, then I’m not responsible for what happens from here. Punk goes, sits on the stage indian style, and proceeds to lead the crowd in heckling every other match that happens.

    – After a couple of matches, Orton comes out and gives Punk the shot that night in the main event to prove he’s not scared, or that hes the man or whatever.

    – Punk goes over Orton in the main event that night and wins the belt.

    – Bryan vs. HHH becomes a stipulation match that Bryan gets a title shot if he wins

    – Bryan goes over HHH(like Hunter will allow THAT), and Punk beats Batista. Bryan cashes in, and your REAL WM30 main event is Punk vs. Bryan for the title. They go 45 minutes and work the crowd into an absolute frenzy, with false finishes, weapons, crazy spots, lots of submissions and jiu-jitsu moves, with Bryan finally going over.

    The fans get the main event they want, WWE storyline disasters are fixed, and everyone goes home happy. Punk retires on a high note, giving the rub to the guy the people chose.

    • Azreal76

      Just for clarification, you are taking two guys who on average wrestle 20+ minutes at a time many nights a week and have standing nagging injuries into two matches on the biggest stage and have them go “45 minutes” after an initial match whihc would at least be 15 minutes each (if everyone gets their money’s worth)? Doesn’t seem to be doing them any justice.

      • hisfirewithin

        LOL…lots of headlocks, submissions and not moving…also double clotheslines and false 10 counts…

        The length of the match matters less than the thrill for everyone of the winding road leading to Punk and Bryan at WM. You don’t even need to have it as an advertised match. If they go 7 minutes and Bryan goes over everyone leaves happy.

    • Jason

      I like your thinking

    • sourguy

      thats a ppv type raw to bad wwe wudnt do it

  • Melissa

    You guys do realize that statement sounds NOTHING like something CM Punk would say, right? He has a responsibility to younger talent to be there? He can change things? I believe Punk will show up in Chicago when I see him walk out onto the screen. Until then…. #HijackRaw

    • Enzo Marino

      That quote was from his documentary last year. He talks about resigning with WWE, and not walking away cause he wants to change things in the WWE.

    • Bryan Thomas

      I love you. Hahahaha

    • Noel Lackey

      Yep it came straight from the horses mouth.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Here ye hear ye. Cm punk hater,…….witness a boost in ratings tomorrow night.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Punk does need to be there. For the other guys sake. I mean HE IS practically the only one with the balls to speak up. Of course i’m not bashing all of the other guys as ziggler tries and maybe speaking up is not some guys forte. But dammit if you feel uncomfortable with your career, by all means speak up. Titus pulled vince to the side and convinced mcmahon to give him a chance. Thus, titus’ new solo run. I mean hell i’m pretty sure my boss respects the fact that i speak my mind. Even though he hates my guts lmao.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Off subject. I just remembered one time i had an arguement with randy orton after a live event like waayy back in 04 when benoit was champ. I forgot why lol by i was like 4 feet away from him by the wwe bus. And i threatened to spit on him lmao

    • Mario Cardone

      well that escalated quickly

  • bengalsmarvel

    I don’t wan’t to believe the hype but i really do hope he is coming back and that he is in the title match at mania

  • cj

    If you watch the video of CM Punk confronting Kevin Nash back in 2011 I think it was, one of Punks lines were “HHH is the new COO and he’s running amuck, and he’s bringing his old croneys back” lol it was all storyline back then but is CM Punks reality now. That’s exactly what HHH has been doing

  • Melissa

    Guess those inside sources were wrong….