CM Punk & Steve Austin Trade Insults On Twitter

Nexus leader CM Punk and WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had a strong exchange of words on Twitter on Wednesday, with Punk challenging Austin to a fight.

It all started when Paul Heyman’s site Heyman Hustle site posted a fantasy matchup between Austin and Punk as part of their promotion of the WWE All Stars video game (Buy Here from

In a followup to the story, Punk tweeted the following:

“I like how THQ acts like they don’t know what would happen if @steveaustinBSR and I were to lock horns. Everybody knows. SXE > Beer.”

Punk followed up with: GTS > stunner.

Within 3 minutes, Punk’s tweet earned over a hundred re-tweets. It was trending throughout North America within two hours. It trended globally this morning.

Austin replied to punk – and says he’s got a can a whoop ass with Punk’s name on it:

@CMPunk alright Punk…you just crossed the line…i’ll be seeing your ass in Atlanta.

@CMPunk Alright son…I’m about to get off this treadmill and RUN to Atlanta..bringing some extra cans of Whoop Ass!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

@CMPunk What are you doing son, asking for advice/lessons etc.? I’ll give your pierced lipped ass a couple lessons when I see you. Out.

The Heyman Hustle site also posted gallery of pictures featuring the fantasy matchup of Austin vs. Punk that started this whole business.