CM Punk Talks About Being Retired At 35, Participating In New Wrigley Field Project

CM Punk acknowledged being retired in a new interview with the Red Eye Chicago newspaper. Punk, a known Chicago Cubs fan, was being interviewed because he’s one of several celebrities that will be painting baseball park seats as part of a public art project that commemorates Wrigley Field’s 100 year anniversary. Punk was asked about being retired at age 35 and if he would be doing more charity work. He said “it feels good” to be retired and talked about supporting charities for groups like the Cubs. Punk said:

“I get to do fun stuff like bowl and paint chairs and play wiffle ball with Bill Murray. It was super fun and for a great cause. You’ve got athletes and actresses and musicians and all kinds of people painting chairs. I’m super happy to be a part of it.”

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  • Mike

    Well I guess CM Punk confirmed the real story…I hope this is just part of a long dragged out story…If not Thank you Punk for a great ride you one of the best.

  • evilsmilelol

    good for him, Now stay retired.

  • Bryan

    Good thing he left. Selfish fans turned on him. What a bunch of idiots. Fickle.

  • cj

    Glad he finally confirmed it. Now I hope everyone just lets it go & get over it . If course the CM Punk chants will still go on but other than that let him be retired . I hope Aj doesn’t make the decision to leave due to to him leaving & their upcoming marriage . We all know wrestling relationships & most marriages never last . Wish him the best regardless tho , he’s paid his dues, may have hurt his chances at a Hall of Fame induction in the future but hey stranger things have happened .

  • Necro

    Well, no Punk at Payback D: it was great while it lasted. #ThankYouPunk

  • Cody Cosmos

    Punk never fully said he is or was retired. Until the words come from the best in the world’s mouth it holds no ground to me. But I still don’t see him making any strides to return any time soon tho… So until then we should all be Rosebuds!!

    • Just A Guy

      I think if the same person had asked him “how does it feel to be on vacation” he’d have the same answer.

  • Nicole Hannan


  • ChloeMatthews

    I can’t believe he confirmed that he’s retired. Damn. #THANKYOUPUNK