Confirmed For Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling, Rockstar Spud Talks About Bully Ray Leaving

– Confirmed for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling is an open challenge from World Heavyweight Champion, Team 3D vs. The Wolves, Rhino vs. Ethan Carter III, Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell in a #1 contenders match and the debut of Sergeant Chris Melendez.

– Rockstar Spud recently spoke with Alternative Nation and was asked about Bully Ray holding a backstage meeting and possibly leaving TNA:

“Well I wasn’t personally there, because I was in England filming British Boot Camp 2, and helping out with that process. If someone like Bully Ray has to depart from the company, that really does suck, because he brings a tremendous amount to the company, in a backstage role and an on screen role. I’ve said this in interviews before, if Hulk Hogan was around in the 80′s and so was Bully Ray, there wouldn’t be a Hulk Hogan because Bully Ray would have knocked him out of the park. Because Bubba has that connection with the audience, whether you love or hate him, he can connect, and get inside your soul (chuckles), you know what I mean? It would be a tremendous loss if Bully Ray had to depart from TNA, but let’s see who is going to step up and take that place. This is the wrestling business, when one opportunity falls away, it’s another opportunity for somebody else. So it would be good to see who steps up from there, but if he leaves the company, would I be disappointed? Absolutely, but like I said, it would be interesting to see who stepped into that role.”