Confirmed For Tonight’s WWE Raw: Undertaker & Hulk Hogan Returning, Triple H & More

Tonight’s WWE RAW takes place from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee and will feature more on the Road to WrestleMania XXX. Confirmed for tonight’s show is Hulk Hogan’s big WrestleMania XXX announcement and The Undertaker addressing Brock Lesnar.

WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight’s show:

* What will The Undertaker have to say to Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman?

* Has the glue finally come undone for The Shield?

* Will The New Age Outlaws decide to cash in on their rematch?

* What does Hulk Hogan have up his sleeve for WrestleMania?

* Will Triple H accept Daniel Bryan’s challenge?

  • Monty605

    Rest In Peace. Only if we have a WM30 three way planned. God I hope not. Hogan doesn’t wear sleeves. Probably not tonight.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I sold my wrestlemania ticket. Because i know that D Bryan wont be getting a title shot. And obviously i’m inot interested in orton vs batista. I don’t wanna see bray lose to cena. And i DAMN sure as hell don’t wanna see Reigns go over Ambrose and Rollins. Don’t even wanna see undertaker’s streak live on. Plus a WM without CM Punk? I don’t think so. So i just saved myself a little frustration. Call me crazy but……..whatever. I’m just slowly drifting away from wwe.

  • Siddharth Tripathi

    Best way to book Bryan in Mania main event :

    Memphis RAW : Hulk hogan calls out Triple H -Bryan confrontation for mania…Hulk asks hhh why he is not accepting bryan challenge:

    HHH: He knows whats goo for business. Bryan is B+ player and gaining momentum with his so called YES movement and he dont the kills this movement.

    Bryan : why dont you say you are scared of me losing at mania. YES chats all over

    Hogan : Is this the reason hhh ? Are you scared of him?

    HHH : People always blamed me burying new talent and he knows Bryan has good enough talent as he is good B+ player. He can work around his persona and create wealth for wwe. I mean people love to see bryan and he dont wanna bury him.

    Bryan : I grow up while watching you fight for 15 years and i know HHH never backed from fight. But you proved me wrong, Triple h is scared coz he knows his legacy will be drowned by the hands of so called B+ player and he is giving false excuses.

    HHH : Bryan you dont know what you are asking for? i,m a A+ player and i cant fight every B grade wrestlers all the time n have lots of things to do. I dont wanna bury you. These people loves you n you know and they know if you face me, I gonna beat your ass down there and you will be buried forever.

    Bryan : He asked fans…should HHH fight daniel bryan art WM 30? yes chants …n said i,m ready to be buried by A+ player. You move on HHH. Lets fans give them what they Want …HHH vs Bryan . YEs chants all over

    HHH : If B+ player wants to fight A+ player then he cant fight for free. You have to put something on the line and god damn bryan is you wanna fight you have to put your career on the line. And these people witness what happens to B+ players when they want to play a game with ME. I beat you and your career is over, you yes movement will be stoped and you will be buried forever.

    Bryan : And what if I beat your ass down there ? what do i get?

    Hogan : This is a valid point HHH, Bryan should also get something if he beats your ass down. YES chants….He said again, I have something that you can give bryan if you lose.

    HHH : What the hell is that?

    Hogan : A fair chance to compete for WWE WHC at WM 30 main event. Yes chants all over…

    HHH smiles ….you are on buddy. Lemme also give you something special coz if you want to play your last game it has to be something special n that you will be remembered forever.
    Triple H vs Bryan at WM 30 in Hell in a Cell Match or No holds Barred , No DQ match with stipulation if HHH wins, Bryan will be buried forever and If bryan wins he will earn a shot at mania main event.

    What Say guys? this is the best setup for bryan-hhh rivalry.

  • Psychopathic Potato

    WM30 will be the worst WM ever!