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  • steven316

    i think this is a good sit for video and news

  • Newgmajlee Wwe Gm Kucera

    very good page i think

  • Sean Moore

    Hi Is Sean Moore I Give You My Website I Go Fcw ON Thursday 10-18-12 And Meet Wrestlers And Divas

  • Coakley Lincoln

    Ryback will win the WWE tidal?

  • best in the world

    I agree with Steven 316

  • I_Am_PIC_Nico

    Remember this post in a few weeks when your reading my article on this website.

  • I like to eat bagels a lot

    Would you consider hiring someone who has excellent spelling ? Send me things to write and I can do the best I can. I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time.

  • That One Dude You Love

    So wait a minute do you guy’s give them the stuff to write or do you write the article yourself ?

  • johncenagurl

    great site

  • JAWs

    Will you reply to our applications if we didn’t make it?

  • Anna

    I believe CM Punk has made a new YouTube channel after losing access to his old one. Here is his new channel with two videos on it.

  • ron

    is roman reigns leaving wwe?

  • John Smith


    • JohnCenaDropkick

      Beast mode off? Is that in reference to Ahmed johnsons anti wwe podcast show being shut down??

  • anthony

    why dont you cover companies like Pro Wrestling Syndicate? I was at their show on june 7th and it drew over 1500 while tna is drawing 300.