Content Listing For Stephanie McMahon Collection On WWE Network

The WWE Network will be adding the latest collection on Stephanie McMahon to the streaming service on Monday. Here is the content listing for the collection:

My Earliest TV Appearances (Interview)

Join Stephanie McMahon for a trip down memory lane to recall her earliest on-screen appearances in WWE.

RAW 04/05/1999 – The Sacrificial Lamb

A young Stephanie McMahon finds herself at the mercy of The Undertaker and his sinister Ministry of Darkness.

RAW 04/26/1999 – The Black Wedding

Stephanie McMahon receives help from the most unlikeliest of allies when The Undertaker attempts to seal her in unholy matrimony.

SmackDown 08/26/1999 – Passing the Test

With her torment at the hands of The Undertaker behind her, Stephanie McMahon receives another marriage proposal.

RAW 11/29/1999 – Game Over

As Stephanie McMahon looks to unite with Test in holy matrimony, Triple H crashes the ceremony with an underhanded revelation.

Armageddon 1999 – Daddy’s Little Girl

Stephanie McMahon takes on a new game when Mr. McMahon fights for her honor in a No Holds Barred Match against Triple H.

Not Daddy’s Little Girl Anymore (Interview)

Stephanie McMahon reflects on the day she turned on her father to start a whole new era of tyranny with her husband, Triple H.

SmackDown 12/16/1999 – A New Era Begins?

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H demonstrate their newfound authority by ushering in the dreaded McMahon-Helmsley Era.

SmackDown 03/23/2000 – Daughter Dearest

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley shows the WWE Universethat there’s only room for one dominant woman in the McMahon family.

SmackDown 03/30/2000 – Gold for a Princess

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley makes history by challenging Jacqueline for the WWE Women’s Championship.

RAW 08/21/2000 – Confidence Rocked

With The Rock serving as the Special Guest Referee, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley defends the WWE Women’s Championship against Lita.

SmackDown 07/12/2001 – An Extreme Way to Start a War

As the new owner of ECW, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley explains why she aligned her brand with WCW in a war against WWE.

Tough Enough S1 E04 – The Future is Tough Enough

Stephanie McMahon spends the day with the female competitors of Tough Enough and offers up some words of wisdom.

RAW 02/11/2002 – A Bride Scorned

Things take a turn when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley again finds herself at the altar to renew her wedding vows to Triple H.

There Was Just One Problem (Interview)

Stephanie McMahon shares her thoughts and memories of what it was like finding herself on the opposite side of Triple H.

RAW 03/25/2002 – Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!

With Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s career in WWE at stake, Triple H defends the WWE Undisputed Championship against Chris Jericho.

SmackDown 07/18/2002 – All Grown Up

Stephanie McMahon sheds her persona of the ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and steps up to become General Manager of SmackDown.

No Mercy 2003 – Family Affairs

Stephanie McMahon looks to stand up to her father when she battles Mr. McMahon in an I Quit Match.

RAW 02/16/2009 – Repercussions Outta Nowhere

In an attempt to save Triple H from an attack by Randy Orton, Stephanie McMahon puts herself in harm’s way.

RAW 03/23/2009 – The Viper’s Prey

Randy Orton takes his psychotic tendencies to another level by once again targeting Stephanie McMahon.

RAW 06/23/2014 – Messy Consequences

Stephanie McMahon learns that what goes around comes around when she looks to fire and humiliate Vickie Guerrero.

SummerSlam 2014 – Ambition, Revenge, and Betrayal

Sibling rivalry causes problems for Brie Bella when she takes to the ring for revenge on Stephanie McMahon.

The WWE List: Trendiest Divas – Going Slap Happy

Enjoy a special compilation of Stephanie McMahon using one her favorite weapons.

What I Love is the Passion (Interview)

Stephanie McMahon gives a unique perspective of what life is like balancing several roles, including being both a WWE Executive and a mom.

11/21/2013 – Most Powerful Women in Cable

Stephanie McMahon’s dedication to building WWE’s brand earns her the CableFax Award of one the Most Powerful Women in Cable.

RAW 07/13/2015 – Igniting a Revolution

The tide begins to turn in WWE, as Stephanie McMahon makes history by igniting the Divas Revolution.

RAW 02/22/2016 – A Legacy of Excellence

When Stephanie McMahon receives the prestigious Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence award, a familiar face returns to WWE.

This Week in WWE 03/19/2016 – For Connor

In memory of one of WWE’s most courageous young fans, Stephanie McMahon announces the foundation of Connor’s Cure.

WrestleMania 32 – The Skull Queen

Stephanie McMahon channels another side of herself as Triple H defends the WWE World Heavyweight Title against Roman Reigns.

Payback 2016 – A Raw Sibling Rivalry

Stephanie and Shane McMahon’s sibling rivalry gets RAW after Mr. McMahon makes an important business decision.

RAW 07/11/2016 – Evening, Commissioner?

Stephanie McMahon receives another chance to enforce her authority in WWE when Mr. McMahon makes her the Commissioner of RAW.

RAW 03/20/2017 – Just Like Dad

Stephanie McMahon follows in her father’s footsteps by firing Mick Foley from his position as General Manager of RAW.

WrestleMania 33 – Too Close for Comfort

The tables are turned when Stephanie McMahon accompanies Triple H to the ring to battle their former protégé, Seth Rollins.

RAW 10/30/2017 – Style and Grace

Following SmackDown’s invasion of RAW, Stephanie McMahon returns to make a special announcement.

RAW 12/18/2017 – Changing the Course of History

With a mind to change the course of history in WWE, Stephanie McMahon announces the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

We’ll Never Stop Fighting (Interview)

Stephanie McMahon comments on what’s to come in the next chapter of the storied Women’s Evolution in WWE.

WrestleMania 31 – Electrifying Authority

Stephanie McMahon’s rivalry with Ronda Rousey begins in an electrifying way when she and Triple H are confronted by The Rock.

RAW 02/26/2018 – Bad Business, Badder Women

Stephanie McMahon learns the hard way that her authority carries no weight with WWE’s newest acquisition, Ronda Rousey.

WrestleMania 34 – A First Time for Everything

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H try to enforce their authority on Kurt Angle and WWE newcomer Ronda Rousey in her debut match.

Enjoy Every Opportunity (Interview)

After reflecting on her incredible journey in WWE, Stephanie McMahon shares some unique insight into what the future holds.