CONTEST: WIN A $250 Amazon Gift Card From!

All you have to do is simple! “Like” on Facebook and one fan will be picked at random to win a $250 Amazon gift card! Fans who already “Like” on Facebook are automatically entered into the competition! It’s free to enter! You’ve got nothing to lose! =)

Winner will be randomly selected on February 28th. Fans from around the world are able to enter.

  • Emile Haber

    PW mania is awesome and I check it out everyday

  • Jayce Coffman

    Same as below. :)

  • Danielbryanhale

    Good site for wrestling fans

  • Jacob Reynosa

    Oh wow this is nice of you guys at PWMania. This is my #1 wrestling site. Check it every day for more news and follow you guys on Twitter as well and of course, liked you on Facebook a while back. :D

  • Knitemare!

    Eh, I already “Liked” PWMANIA on facebook anyways so I could care less about winning but best of luck to all… I am an amazon addict but it’s fine if I win I win if not good luck to the winner(s)

  • Jon Zondo

    So when will we find out who wins?