Court Bauer Hints NJPW/ROH Crossover? News On 12th Anniversary Show Ticket Sales

– On MLW Radio #115, former WWE creative member Court Bauer who now heads Ring of Honor’s marketing and branding department discusses New Japan Pro Wrestling with former WWE writer Alex Greenfield and Maurice St. Laurent, and implies that NJPW stars will be coming to the United States.

When discussing how NJPW should have English commentators, Bauer states, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could see guys like Tanahashi, Nakamura, Ibushi, Okada in the States? Wouldn’t that be great? Someone should do that, that would be great.”

This is on the cusp of ROH’s HonorCon event which takes place this Saturday before their TV taping in Philadelphia, PA, where ROH COO Joe Koff will make a big announcement, believed to be confirmation that NJPW and ROH will be doing a crossover event as rumored in recent months.

– Tickets for the 12th Anniversary Show on Friday night are nearing a sell-out, and only some for the first three rows remain, with the fourth row and general admission areas still available.

If the event were to sell-out it would be the third of the four ROH events so far this year to sell-out, with State of the Art from San Antonio, TX, falling just short.