Current Plans For Brock Lesnar’s Opponent At WWE WrestleMania 32

– Following this week’s major events at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs and Raw, WWE higher-ups have begun making preliminary plans for WrestleMania 32 on April 3, 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. With Brock Lesnar slotted to be a featured attraction at the event, who will his opponent be?

As of this week, Lesnar was penciled in to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 32.

For some fans, Lesnar vs. Wyatt is a dream match, especially since “The Beast Incarnate” has yet to cross paths with The Wyatt Family. Here is a fan’s perspective on how this intriguing match-up could play out.

This program is not only fresh simply because of the competitors, but in the dynamic of how Wyatt has been booked. Instead of Wyatt instigating a fight and cutting formulaic promos building to an eventual pay-per-view showdown, he would be on defense. He would be the target, and his adversary would be the one initiating the program. Wyatt’s biggest rivalries (Kane, Cena, Dean Ambrose, Undertaker, Roman Reigns) have all commenced in the exact same fashion. It’s time to shake it up a bit.

In Lesnar’s case, taking on such a unique opponent in such a unique context would be a drastic change from the typical drive for competition and accolades that has been thematic in his return to WWE. He’s simply never faced a force quite like the Wyatts.

As weird as it sounds, the four members of The Wyatt Family are menacing enough to provide a legitimate threat. Having Lesnar destroy Strowman would be a huge moment considering the depths to which the WWE has gone to protect his credibility.

Besides, can you imagine the promos between Wyatt and Paul Heyman? There’s money to be made here.

  • jamesbryan91

    Why does everyone think Bray Wyatt’s promo’s are masterpieces? Its freaking WWE in 2015 no one believes Bray Wyatt is who he is and quite frankly he hasnt done anything noteworthy to make his words mean anything.

    • Nickfab88

      Thats not his fault thats on the out of touch booking of WWE.

    • RReigns15 IT’S.ABOUT.TIME!!

      What have you been watchin?! Or are you old school?

    • Sam Savage

      That’s not his fault. Creative doesn’t have him win the matches that matter the most. The loss to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 was absolute bullshit.

  • Trav815

    If Wyatt comes out of this looking strong then yes, but please don’t just feed him to another big name at Mania. This would of had a bigger feel to it if Wyatt had beaten Taker at Mania.

  • Rob

    They seem to be CM Punking Wyatt at times. He faced Taker twice, put him over, then works kind of weak programs after and Taker’s gone the next day. I doubt they’d have him win against Brock either.

  • RReigns15 IT’S.ABOUT.TIME!!

    Rather see Lesnar vs Owens!!
    Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing Strowman against Lesnar.

  • Harps Starkz

    Wyatt vs Lesnar would be ok with me but would rather see Balor vs Wyatt. Wyatt is just gonna loose if he is penciled to win then book the match.

  • Sam Savage

    Better than Lesnar Vs. Owens.

    I would love to see Lesnar destroy Sheamus though.

  • April Jeanette Lee

    it sucks wyatt is not in lesnars league niether is the other 3 lesnar needs somebody real

  • April Jeanette Lee

    there is no point in brock lesnar laying down on his back for bray wyatt bullshit

  • Sean Blake

    Why? Bray loses another WrestleMania match and it’s a complete waste of Brock. That’s sure gonna put butts in the seats.

  • Gordon

    Why Bray Wyatt? How would that be interesting to watch?

  • SnnrX

    i didnt like this idea of lesnar vs wyatt.. hell Lesnar is REAL however bray is far more fictional character. you have orton sheamus who can fit into the match vs Lesnar. the storyline wouldnt come up if you fix a feud between lesnar and wyatt.. wyatt have four guys where as he is the only beast. and for wyatt family’s feuds you need atleast two three or four guys however if you turned lesnar a babyface and patch up taker kane and cena with lesnar then only that feud could survive vs the wyatts. that would be the only storyline you could get out of the feud and you can have bray vs lesnar at wrestlemania

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    wwe tries to show wyatt family as a dominant force in wwe but bray wyatt also lost many matches against top superstars so if a match happens against bray wyatt or braun stowman with Brock Edward Lesnar Brock will win off course Mr McMahon will not book a match to lesnar lost the match

  • Dale Mcmahon

    If that happens I think lesnar might legit kill a man if wyatt kisses him on the forehead before a sister Abigail attempt.

  • Masroor

    i think wwe should make Royal rumble interesting 1st. how about 1 Entry brock lesnar and 2nd The undertaker and 14 john cena 17 dean ambrose and no 27 daniel byran that make match very interesting last 5 man in the ring any one can win it could be lesnar/taker/cena/byran/ambrose who will u support for ? that should be interesting time who will be cheered who will be booed if taker throw cena how will it be if byran throw lesnar how it will be so wwe please make it real,no body will every forget this mark my word and winner should be for me ” Yes ” Yes “

  • Shivane Ramani

    the way the wyatts beat team ECW….I can see this happening with lesnar coming out on top and pinning strowman for the first time ever