Current and Former WWE Superstars Comment On The CT Shooting Tragedy.

In the wake of this morning’s tragic shooting in CT, Several WWE Superstars from the past and presnet have commented about it on Twitter and other social media sites.

John Cena: I can not believe the news I am hearing out of CT. My heart and sympathy to all the victims. Such a tragic day.

Shane Helms: My heart goes out to the families in CT dealing with this school shooting. CNN is saying at least 10 kids are dead. So awful. Anyone that doesn’t think we need better gun control laws is either in full denial or just a moron. How many have to die before we wake up? Guns are soooo easy to get in the US, that’s the biggest problem! Any f***tard can get a gun. So how about we stop making them?? The US is one of the WORLD’s leaders in guns and therefore murder. It’s not a cosmic coincidence. The choice is simple, we either do SOMETHING or we do NOTHING. We can be better than this. We SHOULD be better than this. I’ve said enough. I just wish this type of thing would end. Going to go and try and find a way to smile. Can’t wait to see my son.

Tensai: Disgusted at what I am reading and viewing on the tragedy in Conn.Death Penalty is to easy for that piece shit. Could careless what the shooter looks like or his name. Don’t give him any air time.

Sean Waltman: Prayers to the families of the innocent children. Bloodsucking media leave those kids alone. Now isn’t the time to politicize this tragedy. The bodies of the innocent children aren’t even cold & people on both sides can’t wait to argue over gun control laws.

Seth Rollins: Heart goes out to all the families in Connecticut. Just shakes me to my core.

Michael McGillicutty: I cannot begin to understand why… What is wrong with people? Makes me sick. # PrayforNewtown

Road Dogg: I have no idea why bad things happen to innocent people! My family and I pray for all the families involved in this tragic event. God bless.

Val Venis: Liberals r full of emotion today as is everyone. However, their emotion nullifies any #TruthFactLogic they may have had. #GunsSaveLives. #Obama wants to disarm law abiding citizens even further & embolden criminals to brand new heights.

David Otunga: I’m saddened by the news of this unbelievable tragedy. Especially, being the parent of a small child. #PrayForNewtown

Roddy Piper: Sometimes we have to stop, and realize how lucky we are! My heart goes out to Connecticut! Going to hug my kids now.

Matt Hardy: What a terrible, senseless tragedy that happened at a school in CT today. Total insanity. I’m praying for all the victims & their families.

Mick Foley: What could possibly compel anyone to create the type of suffering we are learning of in CT? My heart aches for everyone affected.

Lillian Garcia: So sorry to hear about the shootings in CT. My thoughts & prayers go out to everyone involved. #PrayForNewtown

Rosa Mendes: A tragic day in Connecticut, I’m praying for the victims and their families. Connecticut elementary school shooting.

Charlie Haas: Heart and Prayers go out to all those families who lost their child today. A terrible thing. God watch over them in this time of need.

Rey Mysterio: My prayers & condolences go out to all that lost their loved ones @ Sandy Hook Elementary!