Spoiler: Current WWE Superstar’s Father Announced For 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE announced at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Little Rock that Carlos Colon will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in New Orleans.

Colon last wrestled for WWE in 1993 at the Royal Rumble. He also appeared on a 2006 RAW to cheer on his son Carlito. Colon is also the father to Primo Colon (Diego of Los Matadores) and uncle to Orlando Colon (Fernando).

  • 315fedowl

    Are Scott Hall and Mister T still getting inducted?

  • James Humwood

    I know im gonna get crapped on but why is he going in the WWE HOF? theres other much more deserving wrestlers? I know the guys a legend but he never was in the wwe well for like 5 seconds . but don’t get me wrong he does deserve being in a wrestling HOF just not wwes