Curtis Axel Reacts To Injury Reports, Backstage News On Richards & Edwards Joining WWE

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel tweeted the following about reports of him blowing out his hips:

After Axel was pulled from the Hell In a Cell pre-show, it was reported that Axel “blew out his hips” on RAW in a freak accident. It was later reported that Axel suffered a hip flexor injury. Axel noted that he will be on WWE’s upcoming tour of Europe.

– Wrestling Observer Editor Dave Meltzer wrote the following on the Observer message board this weekend about WWE potentially signing Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards:

“They are in play. It is a very unique situation that is still being played out. The most I can say is the people you would expect not to want them don’t, and the people you would expect to want them do. I’ve continually emphasized that they neither have been turned down, nor signed to a deal. That hadn’t changed as of yesterday.”

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  • The Knight of Truth

    Heres a guy who could have made it big in the mid 90s. But in the 2010s fans can never get along with Axle’s wrestling strategies….

    • cj

      Not just the fans, WWE doesn’t know how to utilize him. Instead of having him job to CM Punk to further his fued with Paul Heyman, they could have had an amazing fued. They have him losing every week and at every pay per view and he’s a chanpion. His potential is AMAZING

      • The Knight of Truth

        Exactly! And I dont know why WWE needs to do this, that is have wrestlers gain a losing streak. This happened to guys like Carlito, John Morrison, Zack Ryder and 3MB too and non of them recovered ever again. I felt really sad to see Ryback beat 3MB in a 3 and 1 handicap match, especially for Drew MCIntyre who is extremely talented and I still remember his short but awesome match with Undertaker from 2010 and a triple threat match between Morrison, Drew and Kane. Just goes to show how stale the creative team has become since….