Curtis Axel Responds To Konnan’s Negative Remarks About Him, Konnan Replies

It’s been well-known that former WCW Wrestler Konnan has been very vocal during recent interviews about how he feels about the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel, going as far as to labeling him as “boring” and calling him “wonder bread.”

Curtis Axel since then has responded to these remarks, writing on his Twitter account:

Konnan was quick to respond to Axel’s Twitter remarks:

  • Jay Ciaravino

    News Flash to Curtis Axel: You play a character on television. People are going to have opinions. You might not like all of them. I swear, Axel and Ryback should start the “Whiniest Tweet of the Month Club”.

  • ray stewart

    Curtis Axel is a superstar? Since when? The handed his azz the title and he the jokes he defends it against should beat him every time. He’s a joke no talent piece of garbage. You can copy and tweet that to him and also to that piece of third rate wannabe wrestler Konnan.

    • ray stewart

      I wish I had Twitter to put these two losers In there place and explain to them that they are nothing in the scheme of life other than to their own family.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Axel: I don’t like him. I think he’s boring. But i do respect him.
    Konnan: He Needs to shut the hell up.

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    i agree with Konnan Axle sucks and will never be the third of a wrestler his dad was mr.perfect

  • Shutupjuvi

    you guys are a bunch of idiots, Curtis Axel sucks? I’d like to see each and everyone of you try to do what he does. You guys wouldn’t last an hour.