What Was Cut From The Hulu Plus Version of Monday’s WWE Raw

Listed below are the matches & segments that were cut from this week’s Hulu Plus version of WWE Raw.

* The in-ring promo with Antonio Cesaro discussing his travels through DC and choosing his opponent.

* The Antonio Cesaro vs. Sgt. Slaughter United States Title Match.

* The backstage segment with Team Hell No and 3MB with Hell No being pissed that they can’t fight the Sheild.

* 3MB singing.

* The backstage segment with Ricardo Rodriguez and the Big Show at Vickie’s New Year’s Party where Show chooses Ricardo to fight for the World Title.

* The Team Hell No vs. 3MB Tag Team Title Match.

* The backstage segment with Paul Heyman, CM Punk, and Brad Maddox tries to get Heyman to hire him.

* The Big Show vs. Ricardo Rodriguez World Title Match.

* The first half of Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett Intercontinental Title Match.