Damien Sandow Reacts To “Pipebomb” Promo From Raw Pre-show, WWE Superstars Matches

– As seen on Monday’s WWE RAW pre-show, a disgruntled Damien Sandow interrupted and cut a “pipebomb” promo before having his microphone cut out. Sandow tweeted the following after the segment:

We noted last week that WWE officials were planning more angles for the Network pre and post-shows.

– WWE taped the following matches Monday in Greenville, SC to air on this week’s Superstars:

* Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O’Neil

* Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Bryan

    Where is this promo?

    • bengalsmarvel

      Its on the network if you have it

      • Bryan

        Hahahaha oh yeeaa. I forgot that i had the wwe network. It’s been about 2 months. I guess i’ll get back on it

  • bengalsmarvel

    I hope this leads to them actually using Sandow effectively he actually is good on the mic so i hope this leads to some sort of push because he has been misused for way too long

  • codys moustache

    Problem is I don’t watch the pre show and if wwe really wanted me to do so they should have made it a must see from day one. Pre shows are shit. Damien sandow had to come out during raw and tell me to go back and watch the pre show where apparently he dropped a “pipe bomb” yet on the actual raw show he loses to Cody Rhodes. As promising as wwe looked coming out of mania and with the network launch I think its safe to say wwe is a complete mess right now. And roman reigns? His looks get him over with those screaming ladies, a couple moves get him over with male fans but his mic skills are woeful. He is not ready for the big time yet wwe. The total divas segment was a waste of time, money u name it but Naomi’s big booty in a loose pink dress makes up for it.
    The racist Russia propaganda continues as rusev once again owns one of wwes black talents. Some rapper put out a tweet concerning this so this is either wwe rubbing it in or they really are trying to establish racist propaganda against Russia. The funny thing is i know Russia generally detest black culture and when I say black culture I mean hip hop culture due to its vulgarity. Also big e vs rusev should be a mega clash but big e although they are trying to make rusev look strong looked weak being owned and I expect to see him rock rusev a lot more heading into payback………hmmmm what else can I think of………….nope guess that’s it for now