Dan “The Beast” Severn Talks on ROH, Ken Shamrock, Hanging It Up

Dan “The Beast” Severn talked with Jason Freda of 2xzone.com‘s “The Edge” Talk Pro Wrestling and MMA for a candid interview.

Highlights of the interview:

– Jim Cornette’s idea of of making him into “Goldberg” before there was a Goldberg.

– His final year of competition is 2012- and who he wants to fight. Has he talked to Ken Shamrock?

– Training Rashad Evans and giving him his start in the business.

– His humble beginnings, and losing everything- prompting him to get into fighting.

– Which former WWE and ECW wrestler got Dan into wrestling? You will be surprised.

– His memories of the Ultimate Ultimate event.

– The special first-of-its-kind contract WWF gave him, which he believes ultimately impacted how creative used him.

– How the Vince McMahon “Kiss My Ass Club” idea really came from him.

– Why he didn’t appear at the inaugural NWA-TNA show, and why he thinks he was never brought back as a result.

– Sustaining a neck injury at the hands of Owen Hart.

To listen to the interview click on this link: http://2xzone.com/archive/publish/news/THE-EDGE-INTERVIEW-WITH-Dan-The-Beast-Severn.shtml