Daniel Bryan Appears at WWE TV Tapings, Vickie Comments on Cougar Special, The Ascension

– Daniel Bryan appeared in a dark segment between tonight’s WWE Main Event and the SmackDown tapings in Newark, NJ. Bryan cut the same promo he did at Money In the Bank and talked about coming back better than ever. It’s worth noting that Bryan was dressed in his ring gear.

– The dark match before tonight’s WWE tapings in Newark, NJ saw Goldust and Stardust defeat WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension.

– Vickie Guerrero was tweeting during tonight’s Cougar special on the WWE Network. She thanked everyone who spoke:

“#WWENetwork thank you to everyone who spoke on my behalf!! I will miss all of you!”

“Time to give my attention and time to the medical field! I’m ready to write new chapters in my life! #happy #blessed #MovingForward”

  • Jason

    wtf is with The Ascension losing all of a sudden against people from the main roster? If they are planned to be moved to the Main Roster soon, wouldnt it make more sense to give them some damn Momentum? Put some Hype into that Team for fucksake!

    • Larry Brown

      Some of the guys who are on the main roster now or have been recently I saw back in Ohio valley or fcw. Before coming to the main roster they didn’t win all their matches. Sometimes it seemed to be more about seeing how they were in the ring or how well they followed orders. Then their last match or two before going up if they didn’t win they were made to look really good.