Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Return Home As Burglars Leave, Bryan Detains Man

ABC15 News reports that Phoenix police say WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan stopped a burglar who he saw exiting his house with an accomplice.

Bryan was reportedly pulling into his garage with wife Brie Bella when he saw the door that leads to his house begin to open.

Bryan was able to chase and catch one of the men, detaining him until police arrived.

The second suspect has not yet been located.

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    Wow talk about perfect timing.

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    You go boy!

  • CMP

    More Details Emerge: The Burglar is thought to be part of the IWC as he was a 29 year old male living in his parents basement and shouted phrases as Bryan apprehended him such as, “Push Ziggler!” and “Cena Sucks!”. Phoenix Police say the man has been arrested and answers “We Want Punk!” to anything asked. He will be executed Sunday night. Rest. In. Peace.

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    Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    My Nigga!

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    These were the guys!

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    The Burglar Said Don’t Be a Lemon, Be a Rose Bud. And took off. Bryan Said I’m afraid I got Some Bad News. Then Bryan said why were you here? And they said because that’s what I do. Then Bryan said Really, Really, Really?!! and they said Yes Fella. Do you think I’ll go away for a long time? to which Bryan Said, YES!! YES!! YES!!!

  • cj

    Lol leave it to WWE to turn that into an angle orchestrated by Stephanie McMahon lol