Daniel Bryan Comments On Being Cleared, His WWE Future

WWE SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan discussed when he was cleared to wrestle and more in the video that WWE posted to their YouTube channel. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

When he got cleared:

“If you have this dream that you have, you fight for it and you keep fighting for it and you keep fighting for it, and then it may never come true, it might not, but it’s never the end game, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. It’s interesting because I thought about this moment so much in the past 6 months or whatever, OK. ‘Imagine what would happen if you actually did get cleared?’, and it still seemed kind of like an impossibility. Now that it’s here it still seems kind of unreal and I still feel kind of unprepared for it. It’s hard because legitimately I just got cleared last night. So there’s still this wave of emotions and it’s hard for me when I’m thinking and writing what I would like to say, that it’s hard for me not to cry.”

His hopes for his return:

“I have faith in my skill and I have faith in the people that I work with and their skill. So as of right now I’m not nervous, I’m not afraid, I am really just excited. One of the things that I’ve always been able to do is I’ve always been able to get calm before I go out to wrestle, and really try to appreciate the joy of wrestling. I’m hoping that when I come back, that will still be there, that I’ll still be able to go out there and not be trepedacious, and just enjoy. Like, hey this is something that I’ve loved to do for my entire adult life.”