Daniel Bryan Explains Why He Was Not In The WWE Royal Rumble Match

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan lost to Bray Wyatt Sunday at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view opening match, in a near 30 minute masterpiece. It seemed that the WWE Universe was expecting Bryan to be an entrant in the Royal Rumble match later in the evening, but Bryan did not compete in the Rumble match.

Bryan took to his official Twitter account and explained why he was not in the Rumble:

  • Ringmastr1

    What’s best way to get the WWE to push the guys we want to succeed? The treatment of Bryan, Goldust/Cody, and Ziggler makes me angry. I’ve skipped 3 PPVs to make them wake up. With the WWE network starting with the next PPV, it’s hard to skip it for $10. I’m more interested in getting the old content than the new junk they’re dumping on us anyways. How do we get our message to the decision makers?

    • Ryan Smith

      Lance Storm on Twitter mentioned on Twitter streaming tons of DB matches, buying his merch, and ONLY watching his segments on WWE TV. That really is the only way WWE will get the message. It’s about money. If you keep watching, they won’t care because your view is getting them advertiser money.

      • Tyler

        Streaming his matches and buying his merch will work but not watching his TV segments only works if you have a Nielsen box. If you do, great use it to prove a point. If you don’t, they have no idea you are watching

    • bengalsmarvel

      You’re a liar if you say you didnt watch the rumble, if you all hate it quit watching it. I was mad that Bryan not only lost but wasnt in the rumble but i do feel that somehow at elimination chamber or something he will work his way into the main event they can’t ignore these chants any longer. They are giving away money if they don’t cash in on the immense popularity of Daniel Bryan and they should see that, if they didnt before tonight they definitely will now #Yesmovement

    • Some_person_second_try

      “If you want to send a message Chanting won’t do it. Watch only @WWEDanielBryan segments on RAW, turn other segs off. That’s a message.”

      ^This is what Lance Storm said on twitter. I myself won’t be tuning into Raw tonight and I suggest you do the same, for as long as it takes. Use twitter to find out when Bryan is on air, and if your compelled, tune in only those times. Be stringent! I’m not even sure if buying his merchandise is the right way to go because you’d still be giving money to the same people that are burying him. Lastly, writing in would probably be effective too.

    • ali loves natalya

      We either boycott wwe or only tune in to bryan and ziggler and anyone eles that you think deserves to suceed then we change the channel

  • SpankyHamm

    The WWE Universe is about to hold the WWE hostage.

  • drew92

    Didn’t brayan just come back from a concussion. They only wanted him to compete in this one match.

    • Bryan Thomas

      Doesn’t matter. The rumble still sucked. Sandow and ziggler did nit make impacts.

      • bengalsmarvel

        True taht i was disappointed with how they used Ziggler and Sandow they had to have heard the pop Ziggler got tonight and Sandow had a terrible performance and deserved much better he doesn’t deserve all the crap they put him through and i was beyond pissed when they let Cena end his world title dreams i still haven’t forgiven them for that

  • clint

    WWE is a joke. Let me tell you something, it’s not like it used to be. This is one of the few things that saying holds true on. Absolutely subpar product and they’re content with it.

  • Jesus H. Christ

    You guys dont even see whats happening…its a social media mark..this is just to get more people behind him :)

    • Cody Cosmos

      Agreed, Still my interest for WrestleMania could not be any lower. The rumble match was stale, and surprisingly the matches before then were pretty great.

    • Bryan Thomas

      That makes sense. A lot of sense. But how much more people can you possibly get behind him. The whole milky way is behind him lol

  • Bryan Thomas

    I just realized that all of the roman reigns fans disappeared lol. but i told you all that he’s going to get booed as a face as well tonight was just a sample. Everyone’s mad but at the same time, everyone is still buying and buying. But i still love how the fans booed this bs

    • james

      actually at the end they were cheering reigns even i have to admit that and i dont really like the guy but i guess it also could of been that ppl just really didnt want to see batista win

    • Tyler

      You do realize they were cheering Reigns at the end, right??? Hell, they were chanting his name.

      • Bryan Thomas

        Yea because they didn’t want batista to win. Pretty sure they would’ve cheered jamie noble on if he was tryin to eliminate batista. They boo reigns when eliminated ziggler too

        • RVD4Life

          Reigns tore it up.. he was awesome.. The fans were mainly booing because DB wasn’t there. Reigns has a long way to go before he’s at the top, but he definitely has potential

          • Bryan Thomas

            He was booked to tear it up. Other than that no one gave a shir. Like i said he got booed eliminating ziggler, and once he turns face, he’ll ultimately end up getting booed too. You’re going to boo him as well. Depending on what generation you’re from. But it’s almost as if they thought that reigns elimination record would be good enough to cover up the fact that bryan is getting screwed. Well……..in order fo reigns to get a huge push, some stars are going to have to take a back seat for a while. But i could care less about reigns buying in to this hype is like going for the bait and once you go for that bait then they think your focus is off of bryan, so now it.s easier for them to put bryan on a backburner

          • Ryan McGuigan

            They didn’t boo Reigns for eliminating Ziggler, they boo’d the fact Ziggler wasn’t eliminated, it was going to happen regardless of who eliminated Ziggler.

        • bengalsmarvel

          Reigns is over and will continue to move up the ladder but Bryan has earned his turn as champion and face of the company, im sure Cena and Orton loved having Bryan’s name being chanted during their whole match tonight the higher up’s need to wake up already

          • Bryan Thomas

            Batista is in the same category as cena and orton and roman will get there. They all can these nuts.

        • James Humwood

          true i woulda cheered el torito over him xD

  • Jason

    in my opinion Daniel Bryan could of done magic if he stayed with the wyatt family. but he wanted to focus more on the reactions of the crowd other than to be a top guy. which is his down fall. It was said in the past its to win championships, its not a popularity contest.

  • Albert T

    It’s a shame that they didn’t let the right guy win.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I watch wwe for six wrestlers only. Ambrose, rollins, punk, bryan, ziggler and sandow.

    • Jeff

      Wow, me too haha. Same six.

  • Trainwreck

    I’ve got tickets for Mania – and I for one cannot wait to shit all over their ‘main event’. Batista v Orton, no thanks!

  • mrvnzelaya

    I think daniel bryan should’ve been in the rumble but lets not forget theres one more pay per view the elimination chamber theres a chance daniel bryan migth get a title shot it could be fatal 4 ways batista vs orton vs brock vs bryan or it could be batista vs orton vs bryan we will have to wait and see what happens