Daniel Bryan Heated Feud With The Miz Going Into SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan spoke with GameSpot.com to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Afterwards, you were in Nexus, were released from WWE, but ultimately, won the United States Championship from The Miz. Within the realm of storylines, and storytelling, where do you feel was the breaking point for Daniel Bryan and The Miz?

“Well, it’s interesting. Because we’re such polar opposites, and we do have a legitimate dislike of each other, and the people backstage kinda know that–that there’s always been that tension–but I think the real breaking point to where people care about it so much now was the Talking Smack episode, and then furthering that, Miz starting to do my moves, really rubbing it in my face in a way that at the time nobody thought I was gonna get cleared again. So, there was no payoff to this. It’s just heat, for heat, for heat’s sake. So, I think that’s where everything–where the current incarnation, where people are really excited to see that–I think that’s where that comes from.”

When we live in a time where the lines between reality and WWE programming are blurred. How did you feel about the reaction from the fans of WWE after that Talking Smack aired?

“What I was hoping was that it would inspire them to look at my case more closely to clear me, and because that was happening–I don’t remember around what time, August or September-ish of that year–I was thinking, “Maybe I can get them to look at my case again, and then main [event] for Wrestlemania, maybe I could be cleared for…” No. That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking in terms of like, “Wow, this could really benefit.” And [WWE creative] started using it a little bit on the show, and then what happened is people really wanted to see the match, and then they backed off of it because they had no plans of doing the match. So, that’s when I realized like, “Oh, man. They’re not gonna budge here.”