Daniel Bryan Reportedly Suffering From Neck Injury, Will Need Surgery & Time Off

PWMania.com reported that plans for WWE Payback had been changing at RAW this afternoon. Word now is that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is taking a few weeks off due to a neck injury and could be missing Payback. The injury is expected to be announced on RAW tonight.

Bryan will most likely need a minimally-invasive neck “procedure” to fix the injury. If all goes well, he could be back in time for Payback. A source at RAW notes that Bryan has been quiet backstage all day.

(Source: sescoops.com)

  • Yoyo

    NOOOOOO!! Think they’ll strip the title of him if he is out for much after Payback?

    • Amadou Sékou Tall

      I think so… Maybe Stephanie will strip him of the title tonight…

  • Best.in.the.world

    Shit!i hope he gets well soon

  • Jason

    Kane vs Daniel Bryan.. Kane finally becoming the WWE World heavyweight champion! They cannot go into a PPV without a Main title defense..

  • cj

    If he does have to be stripped, I hope they don’t put it on Cena or Orton. The main event title picture isn’t missing either of them. I like them on the midcard because it gives that main event feel to the midcard like how it once was. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kane as champ as long as he stays as “the monster” Kane.

    • Dissonance

      They’ll put it on Cena without a thought.

  • codys moustache

    How will wwe sort this one. U can’t really strip title from bryan, but u can’t have a ppv without world title match. If u do the main event has to hold huge importance. This should be interesting.

  • Yusei Asakura

    Eh this one is a simple one go with the gimmick match have it be the 2nd 3rd match have them “Fight” all over the place ( by that i mean outside ( all the things can be filmed prior) let db rest of up for a bit continue with the rest of the card Have the shield vs evolution be your legit main event match end the show with the forklift stunt in the grave Bam there’s your ending

  • Bryan

    Cm punk missed a ppv while champ. Guess who filled in for that main event and tore the house down? The shield. So bryan can miss one ppv and still keep the title. Guess who will fill in for the main event and tear the house down? The shield again. Everything will be ok for the time being. I honestly think it’s a work, which is fine. It makes him look stronger and keeps the fans behind him.

  • Necro

    Hell noo…I’m going to Payback and Daniel Bryan wont be there? Seriously? Just my luck…:/