Daniel Bryan Reportedly Will Not Be Ready To Defend His Title At WWE Money In The Bank

It’s being reported that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was informed by his doctors that he will not be medically cleared to compete at Money In the Bank on June 29th. This news comes from backstage at today’s RAW in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Because of this, Bryan will be forced to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Title and a new champion will be determined in the ladder match at the pay-per-view.

This news comes from the same source that revealed Bryan’s concussion back in January and the more recent report that he would need neck surgery.

  • Bryan

    Smh cena

  • Necro

    As much as I hate what’s happening to Bryan, I know he’ll be back. Now that he officially doesn’t have the titles anymore his return will be epic. All this means is that CESARO WILL FINALLY WIN!

  • jmull

    I hate that for Bryan, but this is MUCH more interesting than Bryan/Kane.

  • Adam Heatherly

    Time for the new age of cena

  • Latoya

    They DEFINITELY will owe Bryan a future title reign once he gets back. I hope they pick someone new for the title. No Cena, Orton or Triple H. It’s too soon for Rollins or anyone from the Shield.