Daniel Bryan Says Entertaining Is More Important Now, John Cena On Fox Business Video

The Washington Post interviewed WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan who said he no longer considers his job to be a great “wrestler” anymore after seeing how his “Yes! / No!” gimmick and Team Hell No pairing with Kane got over in the last year.

Bryan stated: “I don’t consider it wrestling. I’ve done wrestling. Everywhere. And just by being a good wrestler you can become popular. But not here. It’s more important to be entertaining than it is to be a great wrestler. It’s fascinating to me. Some things just stick. Why it happens, I have no idea.”

– Fox Business released a three-part interview with John Cena who is promoting WrestleMania 29. Cena talked about Mania potentially breaking PPV business records and more. Former WWE Champion John Layfield also makes an appearance.