Daniel Bryan Says He Couldn’t Initially Tell The Bella Twins Apart, Did AJ Wrestle On Saturday?

– Speaking to Larry Nickel of CBS Sports 920 in St. Louis, Missouri, former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan admits that when he first joined WWE, he could not tell Brie Bella, who he’s now engaged to be married to, from her sister Nikki.

“Now, they are so different to me, I don’t even see how people think that they look alike. It’s crazy. They definitely look like sisters, but they’re no longer twins to me,” said Bryan.

Nickel tells Bryan that he can tell them apart for “different reasons,” leading the WWE Superstar to ask him to name them.

“Nikki had the…uh…yeah,” Nickel remarked, alluding to her sizable breast augmentation last year.

– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee didn’t miss a beat after fainting during her match on Friday in London, England as she competed at tonight’s show in Minehead. Partnering with Tamina, the duo again lost to The Bella Twins.

Today’s show in Minehead marks as the eleventh day of WWE’s grueling tour across Europe, which has been described as exhausting by some wrestlers.

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  • Colton

    It’s easy to tell Bellas apart Nikki is fatter than Brie