Daniel Bryan Says It’s Time To Give New Guys Opportunities, Ric Flair & JR On Vince McMahon

The Boston Herald has a new article up to promote WrestleMania XXX with quotes from Daniel Bryan, Ric Flair and Jim Ross.

Flair gave credit to Vince McMahon for what WrestleMania has become:

“WrestleMania is what it is because of Vince. He’s made this the Mecca of Sports Entertainment.”

Ross also commented on Vince:

“Vince doesn’t go to ball games, golf, or any of that rich-guy stuff. He just works, and nobody works harder than him. He’s always had that unrelenting work ethic, and I think a lot of it stems from his father. His father was such an iconic figure in the wrestling business. Vince idolized his father from afar, and he wanted to do anything he could to draw favor from his dad. When his dad reluctantly allowed Vince to get into the wrestling business, that overwhelming work ethic kicked in.”

Bryan says he wants to begin a new era on RAW the night after WrestleMania:

“I’d like to go out on Monday Night Raw on the day after WrestleMania and start a new era with guys who can go out in the ring and perform. John Cena and Randy Orton are great performers, but so are Cesaro and The Shield. It’s time to give some new guys some new opportunities.”

  • Joshua Williams

    Right, because the Shield haven’t been on tv every week since they started on the main roster. And who’s this Cesaro character he speaks of? Oh that’s right, the guy on tv EVERY week. This whole storyline is really becoming annoying.

  • Potato

    I think wrestlers like Titus, Ziggler, Ryder, Miz, Kofi, R-truth and Drew deserves a push. There should create a story line between these mid-cards.

    • Corey Botwinis

      R truth has been around since WCW. He’s not new.

      • Potato

        Not new, but he should get more opportunities. He is 40, he is going to retire soon.