Daniel Bryan Trims His Beard (Photo), WWE NXT Talent Makes In-Ring Debut, Cameron Red Carpet Video

– As seen below, Daniel Bryan has trimmed his beard. This photo was posted Friday night by friends of Bryan and wife Brie Bella:

Great times and great laughs #sconesaresweets #weloveyoustrongtime #yesyesyes

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– Brazilian wrestler Cezar Bononi made his WWE NXT live event debut at last night’s show in Bartow, Florida. He teamed with Kenneth Crawford but lost to the team of King Constantine and Thomas Kingdon. Here are a few photos of Bononi, who was signed last summer after impressing at a WWE tryout:

– Above is below of Cameron arriving at the Movieguide Awards in Universal City, California on Friday night.

  • RReignsSIXTEEN #BL #BossSB

    When it said trimmed his beard, I thought as in shaved off completely, but it looks no different from that picture and his hair looks different.

    • Boss

      Everyone is making a big deal about him trimming his beard, to me it’s more shocking to see him with SHORT HAIR again, he doesn’t have a pony tail or long hair that we’ve been use to seeing for last 2 & 1/2 years.

      • RReignsSIXTEEN #BL #BossSB

        That’s true. I wonder why he has done it though. Rumour has it, he’s returning tonight..

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    About damn time he trimmed it. I liked the look he had in 2011. That was more of a true champion look. All that long hair and lumberjack beard , only goes so far. He needs to either get cleared or go to another organization. Wwe mistreats talents, thats why they are suffering now

    • FUTPD

      Not disagreeing about them misusing talents but Bryan isn’t/hasn’t been misused. Idk what is going on with him being cleared or not, but guarantee when he returns it’s not to job to cena. They don’t want him as the focus of the brand (for good reason, since his health is a huge factor) but he isn’t going to be facing fandango on superstars.

      He could leave, but he wouldn’t see his wife as much, while also not getting to perform in front of massive crowds. If in fact, he is ok to wrestle and for some reason WWE isn’t letting him, then absolutely he should leave. But he hasn’t nor will be misused to the likes of a Ziggler or Cesaro.

  • https://twitter.com/CelticBird23 Celtic Bird

    Daniel Bryan looks high as shit in that picture.

  • Jarryd

    I know feel a lot less confident of a Daniel Bryan return now that he’s shaved the trademark hair and beard :(