Daniel Bryan’s Concussion, Who Impressed Most At The Royal Rumble?, Ultimate Warrior Latest

– While WWE still hasn’t confirmed Daniel Bryan’s concussion through their website or TV shows, Michael Cole mentioned on Sunday night’s pay-per-view that there were “rumors of Bryan suffering a concussion” going around last week. As noted, a WWE spokesperson confirmed Bryan’s concussion.

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans who impressed the most at the end of Sunday night’s Royal Rumble match – Sheamus, Roman Reigns, CM Punk or Batista. With 13,000 votes cast, 55% of fans have voted for Reigns.

– The Ultimate Warrior tweeted the following during Sunday night’s Rumble pay-per-view:

“#RoyalRumble inspires many talent to race to the ring for the one night. Only one talent was inspired and inspiring enough to race to the ring every fucking night. #UW #NeverForget”

  • David Garcia

    So many fans missed the story Bryan told last night, which was awesome.

    They were so consumed with their demand that Bryan win every match, win the Rumble, and win at Mania that they failed to appreciate that Bryan was a wounded warrior, constantly selling his head, fighting valiantly but falling short. It’s such a shame that the fans or so consumed with treating wrestling like a shoot that they seem to miss the fact that Bryan/Wyatt stole the show and Bryan wakes up this morning even more over than he was yesterday.

    Bryan has said it in media appearances time and again that WWE gets that he’s over and are looking to discover if he can draw. So all the angry Bryan fans should go buy a Bryan shirt. That’s what WWE needs to see in order to give you what you want. As it stands they know they have your emotions, which they can manipulate anyway they want. If you show WWE that Bryan is money then he will win all his matches and become Super-Bryan. If you don’t prove Bryan is money then you’re going to have to hope Bryan gives up his 6-7 figure salary and heads back to the indies before you will ever be happy.

    • rumblr

      Speaking for myself I have zero issue with anything involving Bryan from last night. Their opening match was amazing, I have no problem with the strategy of booking him to lose, and it didn’t make him look weak at all to get caught in a sudden reversal outside the ring and have his head slammed into the barricade by Bray’s finisher, and then a second finisher back inside the ring. Kicking out of that would have been cheesy. Actually the more I think about it, this match had a really great finish, WWE usually struggles to figure out how to protect both guys and not make someone look weak, which always results in interference DQs or other annoying finishes as a cheap way out of booking an intelligent finish. So bravo for that, Bray looked strong without needing to dominate the entire match, Bryan looked great and only lost because of one misstep and a sudden reversal into the barricade.

      The hatred for the rest of the PPV had nothing to do with Bryan. Although it certainly seemed like an easy massive crowd pop just there for the taking to have Bryan enter the Rumble 25th or later, I have no problem with the way that guys who had other matches that night weren’t in the Rumble.

      You’re right, the best thing Bryan fans can do is buy his merch because that’s all the WWE cares about, money. It’s clear they don’t care how many segments are overpowered by Bryan chants, but they’ll care if they start seeing massive merch sales coming in for one guy.

      The boos for the rest of the PPV weren’t necessarily all Bryan related, people hated seeing a part timer return to win the Rumble regardless of whether or not Bryan was in the building. It wasn’t that we needed Bryan to beat Wyatt and then go on to enter and win the Rumble too. Simply nobody cared to see Batista win.

      • David Garcia

        For me it was the combination of the treatment Orton/Cena (which felt to me like the crowd taunting both that Bryan was taking their spot), of Mysterio (the modern day Ricky Steamboat gets a heel reaction) and the match thereafter where everything was booed until the fans convinced themselves Reigns could win) that makes me think the crowd had worked themselves into a lather of expectations

        You may very well be right, I suppose I just saw it as a crowd of smart fans who claim to watch wrestling as a work but ultimately react like it’s a shoot, petulant fans who want what they want, right now and everything else be damned.