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Hey there guys Dave Scott here with my latest Monday night filth. I was planning on doing loads of Raw related column’s with the 1000th episode quickly approaching, however I’ve pretty much swayed away from that and not stuck to it. I shouldn’t plan these things in advance because I always just write about what I feel like and I don’t seem to be the best at planning, but I am planning to do something like my “IWC vs Casual Fan” column’s that I done back in January as those were very fun to write. This week though I am going to talk about wrestlers that I feel pretty much get a living off of other members of their families success in the business. I know with this list there could be hundreds that could been mentioned, but I’m going to run through the guys that I think have had relatively big parts within the last couple of decades.

First up is the guy that got me thinking of writing this column, Chavo Guerrero. Now here is a guy that is a pretty good wrestler, but just doesn’t have “it”. I think if it hadn’t been for Eddie’s death he would have been gone from the WWE long before he actually left. The most fun and exciting thing I can remember from his career is him having Pepe and feuding with Norman Smiley, now for Christ sake feuding if feuding with Norman Smiley is one of the best things from your career (as awesome as Smiley is!) then you know something is wrong. Everything else from Chavo’s career is very blurry to me as there was nothing very exciting ever happening with it, I mean he held the Cruiserweight title and the Tag Team title which isn’t much to shout about these days to be honest. Chavo now getting employed by TNA is probably TNA hoping that they can bring some fans in just from the Guerrero name being an active wrestler in the company, but TNA should realise that it won’t work. Wrestling fans don’t want to see guys that were on the lower midcard of WWE get the big push in TNA, they would rather see TNA build their own stars or at least that is what I’d rather see!

Next with this I move onto my least favourite wrestler of all time, Matt Hardy. My first ever column I wrote online was about Matt Hardy sucking, so of course he is going to get placed within this. Matt Hardy has pretty much had a career out of his brother being a must see superstar. When I think back to the days of the Hardy Boys, I can’t think of anything of any excitement that he has ever done, everything that kicked ass with the Hardy’s it was Jeff doing it. After the tag team had finished he continued to be boring. He had years of floundering in the midcard and then even when he got his chance to shine with the whole Edge feud, he still sucked and he got his girlfriend stolen. The worst thing to happen with his career is when the idiot went over to TNA and was putting up videos about how he was going to change the wrestling world, but rather than changing the wrestling world he got drunk, got fired and pretended he was going to commit suicide. Matt wouldn’t have gotten any success if his brother hadn’t have been someone that to this day people want to see. Matt seems to have done us all a favour in recent months and disappeared for quite a while, hopefully for wrestling fans everywhere he continues to do this.

Now I’ve been focusing a lot on the negatives here but not all people that have made it from a family member have been bad. Prime example of this is Owen Hart. Now Owen Hart was a great wrestler, but we all know that he probably wouldn’t have made it quite as far as he did in his career without Bret having paved the way for him to come through first of all. The thing that really helped solidify Owen’s place on the card was his feud with Bret. However it is a shame that Owen died when he did because I think Owen would have been one of those guys that would have wrestled on for years afterwards. Imagine getting to see Owen in feuds with guys like Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or even Chris Jericho. But for for where Owen got in his career if Bret hadn’t of been there first my guess is none of us would even know who Owen was these days.

Now I know there is a lot of other guys that could be listed here, but if I were to list them all I would be here for days more than likely. So I’ll leave it there for tonight. I am completely buzzing for the 1000th episode of Raw tonight and I’m sure you all are also. So enjoy the show and if you want follow me on Twitter for some Raw related banter:


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