Dave Scott – Glasgow Show

Hey there guys! Dave Scott here with a later than usual column! The reason for my lateness is that my laptop decided to not work and I’ve had to resort to writing this bad boy on my phone. Yes on my phone, it was either my iPad or on my phone and my Blackberry seems to be the better option.

So if you have been following me on Twitter you would know that this week has been very wrestling based for me. First up I had my usual Monday night sitting in watching Raw, which is nothing out of the ordinary. However on Tuesday I got to go see a Raw house show in Glasgow, so I’m just going to ramble a little bit about that.

So first up after staying up until 4am watching Raw, I had to get up at 8am so me and my sister could go wait in a queue to meet the fantastic Team Hell No. As brilliant as it sounds sitting for hours waiting to meet those guys was hard work! It was great though because my nephew got to meet them and I’m sure he’ll never forget it. One thing about that queue was that wrestling fans mums are mental! They are vicious! Don’t try and cross a wrestling fans mum or they will scold you! Daniel Bryan and Kane were nice enough, not very talkative to be honest but what can you do?

After that me and my nephew had to sit through a painful hour of absolute crap whilst waiting for Ryder, Santino, AJ and Layla to turn on the Christmas lights in Braehead shopping centre which was definitely not worth the wait!

So we get to the show and wait to buy our merch. One thing that I really don’t understand about the merch stand was that the only t-shirts that you could get for kids were two Cena t-shirts that my nephew already had the new CM Punk shirt. So what I don’t get is why they have Punk shirts when he is a heel? If they really want to get him over as a heel they shouldn’t have shirts for him for kids. My nephew didn’t particularly want it to be honest, but it was the only other option. A Ryback or Sheamus shirt for kids would have made much more sense! None the less me and my nephew are both owners of the new Punk shirt!

So we had a great view from our seats for the show. I’m not going to run through the entire show as you can probably read the results on various news sites and I’m sure its very similar to shows they will be doing just now so don’t want to ruin too much.

First up it started with a solid Brodus Clay and Santino vs Epico and Primo. The thing I love about house shows is you get the see a good twenty minute tag match between guys that don’t get these kind of matches on TV or PPV very often. Brodus and Santino were both very over with the crowd. This followed up with a Michael McGillicutty and Tensai match, which was an okay match but the crowd didn’t really care as I don’t think that anyone knew that McGillicutty was a face, was a surprise even to me. I thought they could have done something a bit better with that time slot.

There was a triple threat Diva match between AJ, Eve and Layla. If you have read my columns or follow me on Twitter you will probably know that I don’t usually care for the Diva’s matches, but to be honest that match was one of the best Diva matches I’ve seen in a while, which kind of makes me think it might just be down to the Diva matches not getting enough time!

Cena and Ziggler had a good match and Cena was crazy over along with being crazily hated! There was a moment where a kid fell near the barrier and Cena came over and spoke to the kid while he was crying and calmed him down and sat the kid on his lap and posed for pictures which was great as he didn’t need to do that by any means. I love seeing how much Cena goes beyond expectations for the company sometimes and that is just another example.

Ryder and Cessaro had a match and its a shame how Ryder’s popularity has faded. The crowd just don’t seem to like him as much and it is definitely not his fault. After that Team Hell No had a match with Rhodes Scholars, which I felt was match of the night. It is crazy how over Daniel Bryan is and it is mental the reaction he gets from the crowd. WWE definitely won’t be able to ignore his reaction and I can definitely see another major title run within the next year or so from him.

We ended the show with Punk and Ryback. Punk was getting loads of cheers at the start of the show, however he make a comment to completely turn the crowd which I thought was great. Ryback was definitely over with the crowd, Goldberg chants did commence but they definitely weren’t as loud as the “feed me more” chants. They had a decent match and it did prove to me that Ryback can work a decent twenty minute match.

All in all it was a good show and would definitely recommend a house show if it comes round your way!

After the show got the joys of watching Smackdown on a Tuesday night, which I prefer as it being on a Friday night, I never watch the show. With it being during the week it makes it much more appealing to me. Smackdown wasn’t bad either, the Birmingham crowd was great for both shows.

Last of all as most of you probably know the presale tickets for Wrestlemania 29 went on sale today. So this year for the first time ever I am on my way to Wrestlemania as I got a ticket in the presale today! I’m really exited for it and this will only be my second time in the states. So can’t wait to get to float about New York and New Jersey for a few days!

But that is me for this week guys! Sorry for the delay. I’m currently listening to the fantastic Inside The Ropes radio show on www.stratchclydefusion.com which if you haven’t listen to before is definitely worth a listen! Some great interviews those guys have done and a great weekly show.

Cheers guys!

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