Dave Scott – WWE Hell In A Cell Aftermath

Hey there guys! Dave Scott back for your reading pleasure.

Over the last few weeks I for one have been very interested in what has been going on in the WWE primarily in the WWE title feud. With this we had the opportunity to see a new star pushed within a brand new feud. This is the first time in quite a while so many questions and theories were being thrown out by wrestling fans about what the finish to the match would be, but with every prediction everyone still had a bit of doubt. Ryback vs CM Punk had all the WWE fans wondering what was going to happen next and that I feel is amazing. Very few times in the WWE are you left with a scenario in this day and age where you genuinely have no idea what the result is going to be.

This is the main thing that drew me towards Hell In A Cell. I’m also sure a lot more fans in the UK were drawn towards this show as it was on Sky Sports instead of PPV and I’d imagine that the viewership for it got a slight increase due to the build for Punk and Ryback.

Now the HIAC PPV wasn’t the best PPV I’ve ever seen, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t that good either. First off anything with Alberto Del Rio tends to bore me to death, so that isn’t the greatest of starts to a PPV in my opinion. With that match much like the PPV it was not a terrible match, it just wasn’t good either. We also got to see a very solid match between Kofi and Miz which is fine by me, I was glad to see Kofi pick up the win on PPV and I’m hoping the invest a little bit in Kofi over the next few months, would be good to see him get even a light push.

On the card we had the tag titles being defended and even though there was a cheap finish,. I am still glad to have the titles on Team Hell No. I am really enjoying what is going on between those two and would like it build to maybe a split at the Royal Rumble and maybe a match at Wrestlemania. Also the tag match with Prime Time Players and the team of Mysterio and Cara didn’t do the tag team division any harm!

I was so glad to see Justin Gabriel get a match on a PPV card. I am a fan of his in ring work and have really been hoping for him to get a bit more TV time. I know that he lost, however I am hoping it will lead to a bit more time on TV for him. I would love a face vs face match between him and Kofi down the line for the IC title and feel they two guys could really work a great match.

Sheamus and Big Show, a lot of people were saying was match of the night which I’m not going to argue with. It definitely was surprisingly good and it is the best Big Show match I can ever remember watching. I am fine with a rematch at Survivor Series between these two and look forward to it, if it was to happen. I never thought I would write that last sentence there by the way! This followed onto a Diva’s match, which I was not to fussed about the result, I was just happy to see Layla on my TV!

Finally we got to see what the deal was with Ryback and Punk. To be completely honest the match kind of went how I expected, Ryback looking dominant and pretty much destroying punk. I know a lot of people had mentioned the cheap finish, but I don’t think anyone could have possibly guessed what happened at the end of the match. It wasn’t the greatest finish, however it was surprising and it has me asking even more question as to what is going on! Why did the referee do that? Is he in cahoots with Punk? Is Ryback going to get a rematch? Will Ryback still be a force to be reckoned with? Which is great. I love the not knowing! I hope it continues!

With what has happened on Raw so far also it seems to be building towards more Punk and Ryback, which I am fine with. Survivor Series could be a good be a good way for Ryback to get a pin on Punk without Punk losing the title.

So with that being said I’m looking forward to the next few weeks to see how things progress which is good because it ties in with me going to see a Raw house show next week in Glasgow. BRING IT ON!

Post your thoughts, opinions and comments below!

That is me for this week though guys!

Speak soon!